The New Summation of Dedication

I thought I knew what was dedication

The summation of creation by mean of constants

Recurring events

A passive attempt at making myself something

But life has taught me a new life of dedication

What is the daily commitment to a lack of procrastination

The blood tears sweat of daily motivation

Reckless abandonment of other pursuits

Caring for every moment

Every move

Dedication has a new life in my eyes

Taking every moment in time

As a crucial chance to invite new challenges

Looking back I truly did not know dedication

It was a pretty word used for protection

From a true lack of focused determination

But as I grow we realize

What is true dedication

Sofa Experts

It’s a sad day to think that people believe that they can watch a TV to become an expert. This lack of first-hand knowledge has made us one of the laziest generations ever. To think that we are judged not through the lens of humanity but through the lens of the television is a very very sad day. And to think that media, businesses, and big money has this much control over our minds is a frightful thing. call it bitterness call it jaded but the truth is these sofa experts are allowed to fake it.

The Troubles Worth Having

Time to go all in
And again
I guess when you live like this
It never really ends
The troubles worth having
But not without
To our triumphant, major
We hold steady
Brace for changes ahead
A life in the arts
We have bled
For every inch we have grown

Relative Hesitation

The slightest hesitation

Bound up in eternal


One moment later

Can be a true difference maker

When realizing what will be my mark

Leftover when I am through

Will I have waited

For some long awaited hopes

Or woken at dawn

To climb the morning ropes

Destiny has to relation

For those caught up

In hesitation

When the One Lets You Down

I have had this car for years

Made it through many laughs

Hard fought tears

Somehow these metal and plastic walls

Have converted into more of a hollowed hall

Celebration of years worked

Half worked

Double time

But when it starts to go south

Off the linear path

It’s hard to decide

When to let go

To let the old vessel

Stroll alone

Down the final road

No more strategy

No more money

It’s the end of the road

When can I decide

These hollowed halls

Have lived through thin truths

Thick lies

But in the end

Life goes on

It’s the memories not the material

That I will take from this world

Don’t Wreck the Morning

Don’t wreck the morning

Twill slip away with no warning

Late nights give way to undone time

Lines of sunlight pass through the cracks

Until the high of noon will come to pass

I collaborate with ideas

Giving up has no relation

Manifestation of lazy eyes

Rest and wake

In the morning