A Great American Holiday

To all a great American Holiday

It seems wierd to say

That there are not too many

Of these days on the calendar

A celebration of a family at large

In charge of food

To be with wonderful family

Friends and familiars

I relish the moment

Cheers to all the friends

Around the world

Time to take off

Give this Turkey a whirl

Pfizer and Allergan, Please


I read

In the New York Times

Major corporations

Move overseas

Conglomerate fakes

For certain tax breaks

Yet they all expect

If they see a hole in the street

Or need to call the police

That all is well

Quick responses

To their high rise suite

How does it work

Let’s put Capitalism on display

Say that making money

Is the ultimate goal

This I understand

But to cut your dues short

Of what you owe

To have the same expectations

Around you

But have less money to owe

I find this ironic sense of entitlement

A great piece exposing

An even greater dissent

I find it morally deviant

To grab the cash

And make the midnight dash

Move “operations” overseas

To see how big your tax break can be

It would seem that violates the calling

Of watching each others back

Taking care of others

If they are stalling

All for a little extra cash befalling

To these companies I wave goodbye

I just scratch my head and sigh

Is it just a sign of the times

Take what you can and fly

Morally, I would rather die

Than watch these sick

Money grabbing bastards

Eat our pie



Polarities in the Deep Sea Ocean

I wish I could understand

My own angered emotions

I wake up in the fog of

A misty blue ocean

No warning in sight

My destiny it seems

Hope infected with blight

Animal with parasite

A foundation

Buckling at the beams

It’s not that I am upset

Just set in a way

I guess I just have ambivalence


“I don’t mean to be too frank”

I tell my wife

She is the golden leaf

In my life

But I have to understand

My own emotions

Polarities in the deep sea ocean

I will struggle through

A cup of caffeine

I am sure will do

Some food too

And back to work

I’m sure

I’ll make it through


Unequivocal Ambivalence

Unequivocal ambivalence

Or certain uncertainty

Whirling around me

Circling my own mind

Quick letters strewn together

An unsettling fotrune teller

The only news I want to read

Will fill me with uncertainty

Instill constantly

The path in front of me

But life is anything but detail

I am as much a creator

As I am a reactor

All the elements

Life throws at me

I can surely not factor

2 to the power of 1

A 2 fold sum

Of the dim lit moon

And a paved path to the sun


Decanter Fine Glass Drip

Summation of a uniquely

Different point of view

Innovating steps

Taken in front of you

The moment is savored

At first sip

Like a fine wine

Decanter fine glass drip

Through the opening

And into the reservoir

These sips taken

With berry bliss unmistaken

And later off to bed

True that the senses are awakened

Procrastinator once said

It is the morning anew

Where innovation feels dead

The hangover of a loving encounter

Must wake up and rub his head

It is in the small moments

That true doubt creeps in

The despicable little whim

Unable to see the finish line within

I fear these moments

When the moment become lackluster

I can’t phone in a true back buster

Muster up

Look up

You can see it through

If I just continue




Fundamentally: You and Me

The sense of unity

A deep spring within you and me

Is fundamentally

An idea which

We should all agree


However when a evil tragedy

Strikes the innocents

Lacking any true humanity

What are we left with

Other than a hollowed out hope

A useless and frayed rope

I have a belief

That there is more to unite

Than to tear apart

We as humans all share a common heart

Not emotionally

Purely physically

We are born with brains and toes

We all face our challenges of growing old

Not all is lost in humanity

I just saw someone yesterday

Help a lost fellow on the street

Maybe a hope of full unity may fall away

The hands of each other

We somehow share a sense of commonplace

Deep within the human race

On a Monday it seems burned out

Washed up and worn out

The hope runs like a well deep underground

Running full but without a sound

I share this hope

That is the simple humanity of each other

That we are truly bound