Capitol Stairs

Under the Capitals lights

Rising up into the sky

Armored city

In the night



Beneath a dark night blue

Holding hands 

With plans 

Of me and you

We share moments of growth

Rejuvenation shows

In the city that knows

No boundaries or barriers

Standing on the Capitol stairs

Concern for the Flippant

A concern for the flippant

Out of control 

Not quite with it

Skillful dismantling

Of the building hesitant

Space made imminent 

I act with we

We must act manually

Connect rather than annoy 

Hold hands and stand tall

Instead of hates deploy

The word we use to unite

Instead of looking for a fight

In a year 2016

Of light

Lyric Cut

A late night inspiration

Evenings in the capital

Of this beautiful nation

The Unity Collective USA

Spreading the message of hope

We hope to get across

Free the rock

From underneath the moss 

Evening lights on the Capitol


Building blocks we muster up

With every lyric cut

From the cloth of humanity

To reach out certainly

To the world

The Truculent Type

The truculent type

Eager to get in on the fight

Angered with quick dissatisfaction

Moving hands into fists

Is the only reaction

Abounding in frustration

Lack of understanding

Spectacular use of vernacular

Steaming at the collar

No hopes of understanding

The only mechanism deployed

Is the hope to destroy

The long term approach

Rather than manifesting a life coach

Is to ravage a nation

From sea, to hill, to plantation

Rip the goods from the earth

In one giant selfish prolonged gestation

Rather than to swim in the new waters

See a new view

Understating the chance of

Understanding me and you

This marvelous blunder

Is abounding from side to side

Unearthed down below the snow

As the weight pulled up from below

Seek to understand rather than plunder

Or else we all go under



Tightly Knit

A drab afternoon

Middle of the eastern seaboard

Under the heavy veil of fog and dim light

Gray folds over gray folds over gray

All the way to the sky

A wandering mist makes it’s way

Up and down the streets

Tightly knit to the snow unearthed

High temperatures transfer snow to air

The thirsty grass has had it’s fill

The winter storm gave more

Than tranquil

Winter rendered null under a small

Breaking orange sky

Car lights float like fairies in the lasting light

Yet a likely feeling so familiar

Nostalgic and driven

Car zippy

Zipping by

Tuesday skies

The Old Lifeboat

The challenge of growth on the road

Learning life’s lessons new

Without letting my old life go

Holding my hands to the side

Of this old lifeboat

The longer miles we roam

The further we go

The more we grow

Unknown of the life ahead

One foot in front of the other

Deliberate moves 

Keep us alive

In love 


A Cheap Bed and Home

Getting in at 3

Snow packed streets

Of a cheap


Parking in industrial lots

Making a bed a home

When we are on the road


But not alone

Monday makes a good intro

To the new week ahead

Many miles on the road we left

Written songs all along

Sing out in hopes of the one

One more show

One more road to go

One more turn

We deal with the yearning

Of mind

But we stay committed 

To our professional line