It Takes Time to See It

This is a poem about spending time with my dad. I have always looked up to my dad for inspiration and hope. He is the longest surviving kidney transplant patient in the world. He has taken every moment for what it is worth and made the best of it – and he has done a fine job. So this is about a day spent with him. Enjoy!

Late at night when words run thin

Have to think back to the day again

A warm spring day spent with my father

I would not spend it any other way

Never seem to be enough of these days

Wind whipping around from every corner

Making you wish it was just a tad bit warmer

Laughing and talking making it easy

Somehow we would forget it was breezy

Talk about life simple and complex

Where life was going

Where we were headed next

Taking every moment in stride enjoying it thoroughly

Turn the phone off forget about texts

Enjoy the sunlight when it peaked through

Always feeling more to talk about

Somehow I can’t ever seem to get the right question out

In his company I have found peace

I cannot thank him enough for all he has done

He has looked out for me and protected his son

Pushing me to go far in life

Never settle for second best

He never spoke much of working hard or commitment

He just lived it

Everyday walking the continuous line of example

Making it so his actions spoke ample

Amounts about his character and his being

I never learned from hearing

Only from seeing

So inspiration tonight when the words run thin

Comes from a man and I his kin

For inspiration I reflect and I sit

Yet it happens right in front of me

It just takes time for me to see it


One thought on “It Takes Time to See It

  1. “I never learned from hearing only from seeing” that summed it all up. These are the same feelings I understand when I am with my mother and father I am proud to call them my own and blessed to have been granted the time shared in there company – thank you God for love and sharing and thank you Nate Hoff for your love filled uplifting and inspiring poems. Xxx

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