About acupofsongwriting

Singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY.



Or cooperate

Along the way

Of life

We have choices

To make

We can’t forsake

That with true discern

And concern

Every decision

We make

We hope to set the path straight

From the womb

To the grave

Every day

We must celebrate

Struggle of Understanding

It’s not easy

Seeing two sides of the coin

When all my mind tells me

Is the whole racquet is annoying

In my own decisions

Or indecisions

There is a vision

Of struggling to understand

That people make their choices

As hard as it is to watch

I know it

But no one wants me to

Stand on my pulpit

So in silence I will struggle

To understand

Withholding judgment

As best as I can

Instinctive Existence

My instinctive existence

No can shut off the computer

Can apply resistance

To the path laid out

By the elite


We have to remind ourselves

That instincts

Can succinct with

The truth

Better than what the news

Tells you

So know that

This type of existence

Is vital

In a world

More entitled

Than focused

On the truth