A Knit Carriage

A knit carriage

Will carry me home

When time is undone

Confusion sets in

Find me

Where the wind blows

Through open windows

Upon a knit carriage I




Slow and Smooth

Write slow and smooth

All the unused phrases

Coming out in time

Hit the pen

Feel the rhyme

In coping with emotions

Happy and sad

Move the pen through feelings

Alive and dead

I hope that in the end


These words are read


The Medical Scatter

The medical scatter

Over the mountains and

Through the woods

Holding our health

While they could

Medical scatter

From denial chatter

Hope reservoirs pumped with dreams

It is true

Nothing is quite

As it seems

A Fork in My Cynical Side

Put a fork in my cynical mind

The daily youthful yell

I emit while laying on my side

A gorgeous hope

Of a sick pretender

Hold high your hands

In bittersweet surrender

The gabby daily papers

Running underneath my fingers

As the pencil rests

Against the foamy green desk

Put a fork in my cynical mind