The Lies Behind Us

The lies behind

Lay an uncertain future

Holding hope

For a clear future

What remains

Is the knife

And suture

To sow up the lies

That leak from my own mind

In due time

We will all know the truth

Of the uncertainties that lie ahead

Of what was true

From what was said

Starting Point

Where can you start

When the target



The goal of starting is to go

The idea of success is to wait

How difficult is it

That we create

Blocks to begin

Blocks to end

Up and down

Starting point

But start again

Life puts on the breaks

Everywhere I go

Unfair In Comparison

The unfair game of comparison

Looking with a wry grin

The eyes of society

On one

Compared to another

I do not disagree

In football

Or some game of indignity

Comparison and contrast

There is no better or worse

Unless the views

Challenge your own chorus


So the wings of reality

Cry fowl play

When the image does not line

Up with


Why compare

Why win or lose

These games we play

We should just cut loose

Post Internet

I feel as if it has already happened

We look past the glass

And see a monster

No water

Just what is

Life will be what it always has

And shall return to

The reality of humanity

What will come when

All the internet has

Has been left

Trolls can go back to their holes

Humanity can resume it’s role

What will happen

In the post internet world


The Wires

The wires in my head


Laying in bed

Wondering of the rituals

To keep

And destroy


But idle my hands my not be

Idle my brain wishes upon me

The wires wrought with contentious


Waiting to fall asleep

What will this new morning