Sky Above

We work hard to keep the dirt out
Hands black from wiping
Our hearts exhausted from working
The place had to be clean
It was oh so concerning
This foreign place is now our home
A year we will commit
To making out here
It starts with clean sheets
A soft pillow and a bed
Find a place to rest your head
We clean it into a home
A place of rest and peace
To be quiet and alone
In a city that values it’s silence
More than money or time
Working hard and toeing the line
We will pass through good seasons
And bad
Happy and sad
Me and my love
Alone under the sky above


Subtle Plans

Planes circle overhead

Outside dust stained windows

Bustling people away and close

Making their way from coast

To coast

On the ground cars rage honking



People walking




We hold hands

Weaving through the crowds

With subtle plans

We think

We can

We hope

We plan

In New York

No second guess

No delay

Or deferred progress

But I sit wondering

Looking at the planes overhead

Shuffling the people around the world

New York to LA

In clear light

Late in March

On a sunny day



Crackling Light

The evening sun

Crackles through the apartment

Reminding us

We are free

The life we live under this sun

Is up to you and me

I can see the dust kick up

As we fold the sheets

Feeling life

In our finger tips

We will make it in a new city

One step at a time

Wooden floors

And vintage heaters

Making note to feed the parking meters

Our life is new

But still the same

We will change anew

In a new place

A new time

We will see it through

A Winter Dawn

There is a particular Steely Dan song

That reminds me

Of when I was young

Being in the car with my father

Driving to school

I can’t make out the details

Something about Green Earrings

I remember these times fondly

The fatherly bond

Created through music and experience

I am not even sure that we talked

We just drove listening to the keyboard


Something happened in that moment

I can not tell you what

Or how

But I will remember it

50 years from now

Me and my dad

Listening to Steely Dan

On a drive to school

In a green Nissan

As the sun was cracking

From underneath

A winter dawn


The Last Minutes of 27

Upon the last minutes of 27
Sitting in New York City
A place of new wonder
And old world pragmatism
I think of life
It can be a rough year for a musician
Difficult to make it through
But I awake one more day
To find 28 upon my life will lay
I hope for good fortunes in this year
As I am in the evening of my twenties
Watching the sun set
On a decade of life
Under the umbrella
Enjoying the view
I grow
I continue to find
And discover
That which I did not know
Upon the last minutes of twenty seven
I am but a passenger in the train of life
Collecting these experiences as the train rolls by
I am happy to be able to have a part in earth
To have a reason
A desire
To approach the world with a renewed perspective
On this final moment
I sit and contemplate
What the new morning will bring
When I turn 28

Karaoke Warfare

Between me and you

I want to know

Who can sing the blues

No care for stories or background

Just the way your voice sounds

So sweet is the irony


Back when the blues were constructed

Even now as the legends are being inducted

To the halls of fame

There story was never boring

Never quite lame

The story of these greats

Could make you pause

Even wait

To hear the next lyric

The next verse

To know what adverse

Conditions these men and women faced

We can not reduce this music

To technicalities and perfection

It has been hard born

Since the moment of its inception

I see the value in entertainment

But its straining my understanding

Of what music is

So I fall back to some classic blues

Stories from long ago

And I remember

That music is the sound

That makes life


Life of Stone

There is light at the end of the tunnel

A reason to push through

There is hope you can make out

When you given it your all

Ready to fall down

Whether it is the truth

Or fiction

Belief in this

Is a religion

What you manifest

Comes true

To give up

Or to follow through

When the darkest hour is upon you

Close your eyes and imagine

There are millions of grains of sand

Laying on beaches throughout the land

Who have been broken


Yet live on

The life of the stone

From a huge boulder

To the smallest pebble on the beach

The lesson these stones teach

To carry on

Live on

Believe there is something better

You will find your beach

Your place in life

Stay true

Be you

Homeless on My Birthday

I just don’t want to be homeless

Not on my birthday


But that day

The world can kick you when your down

But I must find a way around

Being without a place to live

This home can not come to late

Or else I will be homeless

When I turn 28