The Bread Shop Stop

The scent of change

Came at 4 AM

I rolled over in my bed

“When was the last time

I smelled the fresh bread”

At this point I was completely

In my head

I knew the change was coming

The bakery was on its way out

I still had one small shriveled doubt

Maybe the planned buyout

Was not as good of a plan

They would develop a alternate route

As I lay awake


It had been at least a week

So I cracked the curtain to take

A quick peek

The burnt carmel building

Was at a complete standstill

I could see this from

My windowsill

Never again would the smell of

Fresh bread bellow

Down Manhattan Avenue

It was a nice offset to bus exhaust

But now it is lost



I am new here

I own that I have very airy feelings

Where others die-cast old love

Would feel it in there hearts much above

I can remember

When my wife and I stopped in

Knocked on the door

A man came out from within

Gave him a 5 spot and

Us a loaf

We stood on the corner

Eating it whole

The memory was the brightest

Of the few short lived time

But the old place is gone

Make way for the condos

Pack it up and move on

The Summer of Farewells

There we were

The last night on the farm

The summer of farewells

Sun setting soft in the clouds

That lie just above the horizon

Air light and easy

Wind calm subtle yet breezy

So many memories made over months

Lived on the farm

Time to move on

No reason to hold on

Holding on too tight

Will only make it difficult to let go

So pack up our bags

And lets hit the road

The Last Minutes of 27

Upon the last minutes of 27
Sitting in New York City
A place of new wonder
And old world pragmatism
I think of life
It can be a rough year for a musician
Difficult to make it through
But I awake one more day
To find 28 upon my life will lay
I hope for good fortunes in this year
As I am in the evening of my twenties
Watching the sun set
On a decade of life
Under the umbrella
Enjoying the view
I grow
I continue to find
And discover
That which I did not know
Upon the last minutes of twenty seven
I am but a passenger in the train of life
Collecting these experiences as the train rolls by
I am happy to be able to have a part in earth
To have a reason
A desire
To approach the world with a renewed perspective
On this final moment
I sit and contemplate
What the new morning will bring
When I turn 28