Institutional Victory

Institutional victory

Held out over our sick


As we throw up

Feelings and emotions

Of loss and helplessness

The institution wins

Over the people

Again and



Helpless Gate

Helpless gate

Aimlessly moving awkwardly

Strange and mysteriously


Of the procrastinators delightful

Fearful tearful disgraceful gate

From the doors fall

As I awate


The Lane Period

Keep it straight

On the narrow path

Clear of the weeds

Clear of the wrath

A lane period is needed

To return to normal

Keep us on the straight and narrow

For now

You and I can use

A lane period

The Industry Lion

The industry lion

Prowling in Country Clubs

Around the corners of pubs

Waiting for weakness in the people

To exploit more profits

More internal lion joy

Industry rusty smoke billowed sadness

Over our heads

We move to slow

When the industry lions approached

Now we are left for dead

Respect of Elapsed Details

Respect what is not known or said

The elapsed details were never read

Or reviewed

Is there an idea that can emerge

When all has been buried

Beyond recognition

Respect of Elapsed Details

Are still ringing in my head

The Spell Reactor

The spell reactor

Sends spells rolling over

Our eyes and ears

Spell reactor

Predictor of faults

Teller of fears

Hold your tongue

If evil is to pass

The spell reactor

Is Pure and holy

As tempered glass

Holiday Rank

What will be my holiday rank

This year

Will I get thrown to the birds

For not fitting in

Not working the right lines

At the right times

In a polarized perspective

We are in

My holiday rank

Will most likely be

Pretty thin