Hope Hoping


When the darkest hour can be lit

With the brightest light

Hope restored

Hope in the middle of night

I hold on to these beliefs of

A brighter future

Even though the hopes of few or one

Is to lead us all to a future

That can not soon be undone

I remain steadfast and hoping

That were we will end up

Is better than where we currently

Are going

Destiny or Fate: Nature Vs. Nurture

Is it destiny or fate

Nature or nuture

How can one being

Be solely dispositioned

For great cynicism

Can it be that

The destiny

Was set in stone

From the onset

Before the quietest of sunsets

I hold hope for the lost souls

My own brothers

My own blood

Hold on to hope

Of new discovery


I will hold hope


A Beaming Grin

Spread so thin

My weak pale skin

Feels the burning sun

Ripping my bones

To the floor

Burden on my chest

Should we cancel it all

Put it to rest

Here we go

With little known

Make profit so we can show

All the skeptics the value of good

Or just let go

Let the piranhas win

Eat my flesh

Tear off my skin

Keep the capitalists happy

With a beaming grin


The Next Frontier

What comes next

I’m ready

For what is around the corner

Bring the post-internet revolution

Empty pockets

With great indifference

Hold on

Changing seas are raging ahead

Where the frontier of the future

Will bring

Hold hope



What makes money now

Will not later

What made money yesterday

Will not today

What will the future bring

Uncertainty and anger

But certainly, opportunity

Unfair In Comparison

The unfair game of comparison

Looking with a wry grin

The eyes of society

On one

Compared to another

I do not disagree

In football

Or some game of indignity

Comparison and contrast

There is no better or worse

Unless the views

Challenge your own chorus


So the wings of reality

Cry fowl play

When the image does not line

Up with


Why compare

Why win or lose

These games we play

We should just cut loose