Foggy City

Foggy city

With its grey hues

Haven’t been back in a while

So I’m past due

A city

A world

New York City airport

Love and live

Hope and sin

It’s been a while

And I’m glad to be back


The Steel Notebook

The steel notebook

Full of nondescript poems

Powered by sea foam

And purchased in time

The steel notebook

Has no rules or outcomes

Held on the corners

The steel notebook can fall

Back into my hands


Ratty and marked

These measures are

Progress can be eyed

In the beholder

Of none

Holding up hope

While being torn down

By one

A steam engine rallies

While the iron industry looms

Lake nights

In the second room

Pattern Convulsion

Pattern convulsion

On the seat of my pants

Holding on tight

With the palm of my hands

If I had a wish

I would wish away

All the troubles of the world


Pattern convulsion

Up in the sky

The clouds scattered

Like a bursting star

At midnight

Pattern and prose

All I know

These words

Take me where

I want to go

Hot Juice

Get ready for the hot juice

Coming down the walls

Of the only world we know


For a new face of irony


No more role models

To be had

When the hot juice

Flies from the supreme robin

In the air

No one cares

They just prefer

To point

And stare

Improve Grey

Improve grey

Uncovering the oil trucks

That carry the liquid

Of power

And pollution

Improve this grey

One late night

With a satan flame

Over Lake Michigan

I will improve this grey

One day

At a time