I Fear the Mold

I fear the mold

The uniformity theory

Of stripping conscious dignity

Of the you


Pushing us forward

Never to look back

A pack of wolves

Now breathing down

My back

I fear the mass productions


Consistency is key

Holding the soul back

From being free

I understand

Accommodating the masses

But with accommodation

Comes subtle backlashes

Loss of autonomy

Fostering dependancy

I look up

See arrows pointing ahead

I can’t help but wonder

If I’d be

Better off




2 Stairs

2 flights of stairs

2 more stairs

Who cares

I am counting

Legs burning

From constant churning

Click and trip

Hold myself on the

Red stick

That makes a railing

The no smoking sign above my head

Make it to the second floor

Then off to bed

Keeping the I can

Keeping the I can
In a world of can’t
Can lead the mislead
Push the final pedal down
Until the spring rose is dead

It is important
To believe in what you can’t
That someday you can
Be where you want
The belief
Rather than stricken grief
Must grow

People won’t think twice before
The remind you once more
That you have never done
This before
Heed only to your own calling
Hold yourself up
From falling

Let hope and belief grow
Let it take you were you want to go
Raining on summer plants
Thirst quenching with water
For your soul will grow
Just like a spring plant
When you say you can
In a world of can’t

City Swell

The city swells with summer anticipation

Participation in a phenomenon

Of chanting out the spring

Rushing in the summer

People begin to emerge late nights

On Manhattan Ave.

Speaking louder than in the cold months

Making new promises

Creating new lives to be lived

All this as the winter and spring


Way to a new season

Of excitement

To relish again

That warm summer air

Forget winter cold

Take off your jacket

Live without a care


Sinster Ways of a Fellow

How much damage could we prevent

If we just took the time to say hello

To our neighbors

Not to spy

But to just show that you want to know

How they are doing

I find it amazing that dangerous people

Can live normal lives

In normal houses

With normal neighbors

Quietly living

Yet amazed

That these monsters would not stick out

With a simple hello

One may be able to understand

Through a quick introduction

The heart of a man

People so dangerous


Can live as a neighbor right next

To you and me

We are by nature now self governed

I look out for you

You look out for me

So it is now our responsiblity

To ask questions

Know who you live next to

What they do

Simple chat now and then

I offer that you may find

The sinister ways of a fellow

Discovered or remittted

With a simple hello



Misrepresented Presumption

Over time

Challenges will get easier

But I have lived under the

Misrepresented presumption

I assumed with all known gumption

That somehow

It would get easy

But easier does not imply easy

Easy implies lack of trying

Lack of trying implies lack of caring

So life for me

Will never be easy

Nor would I want it to be

If difficult becomes easier

It becomes manageable

Not easy

Manageable means you still

Must give your best

Under new conditions

Yet the same test

But the false truth

That life would get easy

Was misleading me

Tempting me

Causing me more harm than known

Holding me back from where

I could have grown

I now know and understand

That the true tests of being a man

Will never be easy

And I hope they never will

I hope life continues to test my growing


But I will learn

I will grow

Taking each passing test as I go

Life will never be easy

I will accept all challenges

With greatness of eager

With hope one day

These great challenges

Will be just a bit





Copious Caring

I will take your odds

As odd as it seams

To be on far fetched dreams

No reason or bearing

On the future or past

No reason for overbearing

Copious caring

I will take the odds

Stacked against my favor

To savor each moment

In a town of full life enrollment

I face critics pen and ready

To shake their heads and while

Keeping their hands steady

Conformity breeds

Bland crackers

Watering down

Running into the sewers

Out of the streets

I will take your odds

You odd game

Make my best


And soon

I will see


NYC Delay

The coffee is decent

The lights are bright

A bit over roasted

But tastes alright

Trying to delay

A return to NYC

No need for me

To sit in traffic

On the BQE

Rain outside

Makes me further delay

Getting anything of substance

Done today

The tolls will wait

The taxis will still be there

Just trying to delay

My return

To the city


Rush, Rush, Hurry




Nothing is worse than

The rush

The bustle of peoples muscles

Pounding pavement

Pushing gas pedals

Standing in Subways




Don’t let the mind sway or worry

Make it out in traffic

Sit and wait

Just to see if you can take