Distinctions Unknown

Just leased out our place in NYC
The album takes first place
Homelessness ensues
Chaos long overdue
But for the sake of the art we let go
Take control of our creation
Letting go of a constant state of consistency
Not much to envy
High hopes for distinctions unknown
We just let up
And let go


Life for Living


The city life is for the living
Night becomes day
Day becomes night
With no differentiation
Souls worn in
Changed with no hesitation
The city builds one day after the other
The great manifestation
I will go to the fields
Farms and lakes
While the city drives away
Never stopping to say
Hello or goodbye
It simply runs
All day
All night

Perception a Life Lesson

Such a simple situation
Such great life lessons
Pulled up to the train
Running for a 12
When we needed 11
Car pulls up behind a young guy
Grabbed his bags
While we hustled running
He was slightly ahead
But moved worth slight delay
Made swift eye contact as we made our way
Running to the train with only seconds no delay
I realized the slowly fellow
Was left on the platform there
I can’t say why
The conductor moved with no delay
But it must have been the effort we displayed
Giving every ounce to make it in mere seconds
While the other fellow was left
Waiting for hours
Welcome aboard he said
I’ll take your tickets
You made it just in time
He said with a wiry smile
Go on ahead
And find a seat on the nearest isle
When I reflected on that moment I realized mere seconds were between me and the other guy
But the display of effort and quickness
Has a great deal to teach me about perception and life lessons
That in mere seconds hard work has shown it’s form
Viewed by the conductor
While the other gentlemen was left on the platform