Nothing Goes Unnoticed

Hard work


FulfillmentĀ of obligations

Laid out straight

While the days fade away

No note rehearsed

Doesn’t resound

In some place

Some moment

Even when hope itself

Seems dim

The most ardent


Will win


Swing Away

Swing away for the sky

Hit it hard

Hit it high

Along the path

Of a lonely road

Held up with a distant


Swing away in these times

Swing away with your final


Untitled Treasure

Untitled treasure

In a chemical wasteland

Can I even understand

A land

That goes well beyond

My own years

My own tears

Made up



Untitled treasure

No way to measure

With a single hand


Determined Experience

I know a determined experience

I have lived it

In my own right

What I know

What I have done

Focus helps keep

A narrow drive

To harness energy

For one’s side

A determined experience in this life

Just working hard

And hoping to do it right

Undesirableā€‹ and Aberrant


Is understandably


Unlikely to find others

Wanting of such numbers

Aberrant arranged

Veered off and strange

Undesirable and Aberrant

Is where we are today

I am not sure

Nor am I aware

We are off our course

Where we head now

I am scared

Ceaseless Stomach

I seem to have a ceaseless stomach




For anything


Settle down

Go to bed

Lay awake instead

Stomach growling

For something new

But rest

No need for butters

Or seeds

Fly away rather

Into a dream

A Wooden Blade

Can a wooden blade

Chop down a tree

Struggle with it’s own


Can what is made

Be used to destroy

Even though it is not made

Of stronger alloy

A wooden blade

Can carve out a forest

But only if the blade is not too porous

What we can learn from a wooden blade

What forest could we have saved?

Between the Walls

If you are quiet

And listen

On the eve of morning

You hear stories

From between the walls

You hear what you might

Not want to know

You hear everything

As a quite morning goes

I don’t listen to close

For some stories

I wish not to be told

But the morning

In between the walls

That where some stories