The Disinformation Factory

Crank out the lies

Deceive with letters

Falling from the sky

Changing the tides

Of a sleeping giant

Until we awake

To a new narrative

At play



Formal accuse

Or charge of

A serious crime

Someone did the wrong thing

Someone is going to do


He Knows

“In a good, safe community”

The words spoken

I am not sure

I have ever experienced a community

Better than another

A bad place

For my sisters and brothers

There are some bad actors

But surely not a whole

That can be spoken of

With such broad strokes

Of blunder and error

But this is the high seat

Looking down on us

Telling us

What I think is sad

That somehow one man knows

Who is good

And who is bad

Laid Eyes

Laid eyes upon weary tables

Sort of deranged

Like a drunken fable

Upon the lips we whisper


While we wait to consider

What is coming and what is done

What is over

What has not yet run


Peril for Certain

Peril for certain

Behind the red-dressed curtain

Hope of sanity to prevail

But what is currently setting sail

Has nothing to do with me and you

Or everyday people

Rather a toxic agenda

Of some 1% world

From which we all pull

Our nutrients

Now peril and restlessness

Seems to be on the horizon

But we must do our best

To better our own