One More Thought

Let it out

Like the springs of a midwestern lake

Filling a giant whole

With a reserve of water

Let it flow

Like East River

Of the Hudson

Rolling into the ocean

Up the state

One more thought on this theme

And we are off

Off we go


Unequal Comparison

Why hold true

To a standard irrelevant

To me and you

Thinly veiled lies

With boundaries soft and broken

Our lives push

While the past we keep holding

An unequal comparison

Of feathered grey facts

Keeping the slow-moving world

At ease



March with The Light

Don’t be bewildered by words

Harmonies written in thirds

Set your sights on goals to be achieved

Look not for the setting sun

In the east

Fearful souls will not set other free

While being held in silent captivity

If there is hope in the future

Then we must learn from the past

Return not to ancestry for fear

Don’t obey the written rules

When truth must be verified and renewed

March in the light

And hope for the future

To bring about change

Just a little bit sooner

Let the Truth Fly

Bring the full court press

Winds blowing through the midwest

Seems we are all now put to the test

False claims


Flying past the birds in the sky

Set flight through pure emotions

Let the truth be the only light

Set us free

From the lurking ambiguity

That shackles us to judgement and ignorance

The truth will come out

Come clean

It’s a voice

Heard but not seen

We will soon be free

Religious Contradictions

Right and wrong

Worshipped and rejected

Hallowed and undetected

Pretending to play along

Contradictions in action

In practice


What is religion

What has it become

Just a paperweight on a stone counter

A wishful hope of love

Amongst a silent chatter of hate

How can hate be the dominant theme

It’s desgusting

This whole religious identity thing

There are No Actors

Real people showing up in real rooms

Filled with real emotions

Not a Facebook news story

Not cheap news shared from a desktop

But real people

Real hearts and real concerns

Time to face the facts

People are not happy

And it is not for the reasons we see on the news


Keep your ear to the ground and you will hear

The hearts of the people

Not in tune with media

But in tune with each other

Preparing to change the future

Evacuation Deadline

Here it comes

A blazing infamous glory

From the tops of Washington

A news story

The pipeline will continue

My heart hangs on a line

People held in embrace

The dust settles for a difficult time

The hope was for some change of hands

The force of power

On sacred lands

But for now people head home

The risk of arrest to great to run

From that single act a stable life

Can be undone

I will research I will hope to understand more

The fields of dirt washed with northern snow

Where will the lonely hearts go

My heart goes out to the lovers

But the old train is going to roll along

Right after the last standing protester is gone


Sweet of Me

Sweet of me

Coffee on a Friday night

Slow motion 

Next to the Atlantic Ocean

Our bed is a revolving door

Ask me tonight and I will be unsure

Of where I will sleep tomorrow

But tonight I drink you in sweet

In a cafe 

Near the Abbott Kinney street

Distracted Attractions

Oh what questionable distractions

Attractive as first glance

Quaint and uneasy

Under examined

The sun

The sky

The moon lit nights

Palm trees

Oh the goodness of distraction

The fruitfulness of sanity

Returned from a distant place

Now and again

My distracted zen