A Tale of Two Friends

A tale of two friends

Destiny begins

When fate ends

Around the corner

A separate situation

No preface needed

And no intimidation

Hope and dreams

Caught in the seems

Between two friends

As a message resends

No apology needed

When the conversation is heated

Between two friends

And that’s where this story



Reign Size Ring Size

Reign size

Ring size


Or confused

I guess the words

Meaning are up to you

How long to reign

How long can desperation

Stay the same


Bride Cereal

Bride cereal marry me

On top of flakes of


A magical potion

Of wheat and protein

Lipids and things


Take me away in

The morning hours

Bride cereal you have

My power

Flex Defendant

The flex defendant

Showing power over the weak

And resistance to the strong

Defense has a way

Of proving others wrong

To which party do you belong

A defense required for some


Mistakes made

Now someone is suing

Flex the great muscle of confusion

And deter

The truth

Flex defendant

Has no oath to prove


Mosquito Desk

Mosquito desk

Of the late spring

Bringing in the scene

Of summerlings

Mosquitos buzzing

In the woods and near the ankle

Mosquito desked carved

From the same woods

That share the forest

Mosquitos deflect the seasons

And arise in the summer


Poetry Day

Poetry day

Words on the lips

Feelings in the bones

Up the leg

And out the hips


A day of reflection

Some say

But today

For me

Is poetry day

Capture Monster

The gram

The moment catcher

Significant time grabber

Holder of hopes

Dreams and

Desperate things

Cute dog commodities

Cats in cradles

Rocked like babies

Capture monster

Turning good people


Creating emotions

We never knew we had

Making young ones desperate

To outdo their friends

Or end up depressed

This capture monster

Roaming on the internet

What have we begun

And so much to regret

No Legit Coat Tail


When you have skin

In the game

Direct linear regressions

When progression

Is needed to keep

The boats at sea


For another day

Coat tails in blasted



With scared hopes

Feelings down

And thin

Gallery Road

Gallery Road

Long time

To make it home

Between the outlets

And the dissonance

Is a front

That all artist want

To be a part of




And contemplation

Take me down gallery road

Before I move on

Before I am too old

Ice Cream Diamond

A gem of an experience

Not in it’s worthiness

But in it’s emotion goodness

Tied up to the neck

In suit and tie

Trying to cut loose

On an easy Tuesday night

Ice cream diamonds

I will say

For this moment

Will never fade away