Come Changes

Come changes

Bring what they may

Come new days

I heed your call 

From miles away

I see the bridge through the mist

On a cold evening

Bringing life a true glimpse

Of meaning 

Baton down the hatches 

I will weather the storms

Fear not the unknown 

That lies ahead 

One truth promised

Fear is worse than dead

So bring the new mornings

Evenings and sunsets

And I will be awake


The first waves on the lake


Faded Notification

Waiting on the subwayForest green weathered station

Red bulbs blast from inside tunnels 

Jet black

Yet I await with backpack

Heavy but no overpowering 

Gray faded station notification

Then screeching braking happening

Other line awaiting

And off it goes

Spending an afternoon in New York City

Up rolls the next G train

I waited but didn’t have to strain

For its arrival

Which is unusual

But off I go

Examine Every Nerve

I examine every nerve I have

Looking for the damage caused

A defective course of action

Creating inaction

The bustling buzz of cars

Underneath my feet

Standing on bridges above the city


My back arches as I inhale the wind

I am the chief of my soul

In complete control

My feet brace for a jump

As my legs can barely release up

The colorful whirl of lights

And distant boats

East river floats

I launch out into the night

Embark Blindly


The final hours down

I can’t say I regret much

Although loosing

Loved ones was rough

A full decade to reflect

Looking back at life’s intersect

Even as I fine tooth comb inspect

I am happy

Moving forward and not leaning back

Bursting at the seems

With high impact

I embark upon 30


It takes a moment to set in

Realize the final ringing of the bell

Not an ending

But a closing

Reaching back at this point

Has no meaning

Worthless in my attempts

My vain grabs at last seconds commence

As ten years of live conclude

I had counted down the months

Since I knew

27 turned 28

No big deal

28 turned 29

No 30 was in sight

And tonight

Tonight it sits quite real

Real indeed

It came so quick on my

With high velocity speed

So I reject with no anger or remorse

I will let time do it’s just course

Submit to the seconds that will bring about change

In my mind, body, and soul

I will celebrate my own growing old

But as these last moments unfold

I hope that I can do better in the next ten

No regrets

But not letting up

Seeing the next decade to the end

Age brings about wisdom

Which in turn sets me free

As I embark blindly

Upon the journey

Of turning 30

Light of the Wren – Chase the Sun

Profuse and too many to count

The Austin suns beams

Bending over hills

Setting over the Western runs

The sun

Like a wren

Of the new world

Singing its praises

As the daylights time

Comes due

The city’s unique song

Lingers in my ears

Joy to my heart

Warmth to my limbs

We come limping in at 3 AM

From a wrathful road of flurries

To a fresh morning

As crisp as gently plucked berries

Scandalous in the evening sun

Slipping a cloth lightly over the door

As we embark on the city

Once more

As we disengage the night and snore

We then wake again

When the closing time comes

We set out and chase the sun


Quicksand to the unknown

We have given every breathe

To the unseen

The life in song


We are as actors on the grand stage

With a broken vase at the center

Can we create our own pleasure

Despite the fallen feather

That looms ominous on the stage

We walk around the vase

Correcting it’s flaws

Its broken jowls

Reminding us of its previous nature

The mark of a life lived

Broken as it gives

This thing

This previous embodiment of life

Broken shattered and left

Life has been bereft

We look up at each other

And realize

In each others eyes

Anything is possible

The lights dim

We walk off the stage

Scintillating and Wide – Clear Moon Weather

Scintillating and wide

Open to the sky

The black above was almost


If I could only transport my hand

From this land

To way above

I would crack the ceiling of the sky

Like a cracker under foot

Fearless attempts to reach higher

Moves of inspiration

Rather than that of a scary nature

To move the minds of my own wife

From the toxic smelly life on the road

To the clean connections of being or having

A home

I do not disparage any connections

We have or will create

We must learn to rely on our instincts

The sky above flickers and winks

From the spotty reflection in the water

To the highest star burning brighter

Sky connecting us together

Under the clear moon weather

Wiley Uncertain Progress

We were safe for a couple days

Laid up down south

And feeling strange

Unusual rather than usual

Not pampered but

Taken care of

As a musician this is luxury


Until this moment

We behold

My wife and I relish in

Wiley uncertain progress

But today we hold each other close

Knowing we have a certain relaxation

Safe in moments exhalations

We cherish the wild open future

And relish the present