Gather the Charades

Gather the charades

Words sassy and icky

Unbound from the sound

Of a letter passing through our mouths

A royal kettle cooking

New ingredients


If your enemy of an enemy

Is your friend

How can we content each other

Strange bedfellows to follow

How can the world swallow

Such indifference and insensitive hopes

Let’s gather the charades

And know

That the words themselves

Are our hope


Wonder this Wonderful World


Dedicated to Laura Anys
Let’s wonder this wonderful world
From the mountains of California
To the salt flats of Utah
The winds of the Pensylvania turnpike
Wonder takes flight in all of us
Down to the rustbelt of south of Chicago
The land that we live on
Has heightened the sense of wonder
Somewhere in Hawaii
A surfer catches a wave
While in Grand Central friends
Wave to each other
Departing for new destinations
As strangers pass by
Aware but set on new experiences
In classrooms across the country
Eager students learn to recite
New languages to speak
Spanish and German
French or Portuguese
Preparing for the wonder of this world
From the land to the people
Wonder must not be let go
It must grow
Flow like the Mississippi
Keeping our mind nourished with wonder
As the Louisana coast creeks with thunder
No storm can hold back
The feeling of learning to trust the unknown
In a life filled with wanderlust

Brawny Winter Night

A brawny evening

Bold with winter folds



Holidays season is upon us

Yet this year there lacks a certain


Who knows

Maybe it’s me

Maybe it’s the weather

Whether or not it is me

Or the other

The season of change is upon us it seems

Ready to brake at the seems

What it all seems is


Just another brawny winter night

Remember me this December 

There is an old saying

Don’t forget what has been made beautiful

As the trees glow


I am hopeful too

Not in politics or structure

But in each other

I am renewed with hope


With every flake falling on the ground

The frigid winter bears on

Hearts will be warmed with ideals

But ideals are cheap to truth

Even though hate can reign in the new year

Please remember this December 

For the love we all share

Dreams are such Delicate Things

“Dreams are such Delicate Things”

Dreams and delicate things

Beautiful and Mysterious
Nudge you awake
In the middle of the night
Require attention
Even when the day
Has no light
Dreams must be nourished
And protected
For the demands of this life
Hope to become infected
In the aspirations of the young
To create a new life narrative
So we must always be
Aware of this
Keeping our dreams safe
Ready for growth
I urge you to heed your dreams
Hold hope that they will come true
No matter who you are
What you do
Dreams can be seen through
As the climber reaches the height
Of a new mountain
So your soul must be filled with hope
Hope that dreams
Regardless of how it seems
Of what you do
Do come

The Paltry Destruction

The paltry destruction

Dirty and tan

Unknown in expression

But less heard of

I am uncertain

Pushing my own hands now on the curtain

I have never seen such an obtainable truth

If we could only see it through

We must take command of our own hands

Yearn for hope and truth

Unity through diversity

Diversity in me and you

The Ragged Carriage

We are carried in the carriage

Ragged and old

We must find new wheels

New axels

Our carriage can’t carry

Us much longer

Not like this

We are going to break the carriage


Can we please fix the carriage