Wonder this Wonderful World


Dedicated to Laura Anys
Let’s wonder this wonderful world
From the mountains of California
To the salt flats of Utah
The winds of the Pensylvania turnpike
Wonder takes flight in all of us
Down to the rustbelt of south of Chicago
The land that we live on
Has heightened the sense of wonder
Somewhere in Hawaii
A surfer catches a wave
While in Grand Central friends
Wave to each other
Departing for new destinations
As strangers pass by
Aware but set on new experiences
In classrooms across the country
Eager students learn to recite
New languages to speak
Spanish and German
French or Portuguese
Preparing for the wonder of this world
From the land to the people
Wonder must not be let go
It must grow
Flow like the Mississippi
Keeping our mind nourished with wonder
As the Louisana coast creeks with thunder
No storm can hold back
The feeling of learning to trust the unknown
In a life filled with wanderlust

4 Minutes

In 4 minutes I will attempt

To write words

Strung together with

Some meaning

My eyes are stuck to the screen


Written in an attempt to say

What I have postponed along the way

Returning to ritual

Feels good

Yet not unusual

Repair our Wounds

The bags are full

On the hardwood floors

My wife looks at me

“I’m not sure I can do this anymore”

Life is rough 

Getting ready for the road

But when opportunity calls

We know no more

Than to go 

Repair the wounds

And hope for a full room

The lessons we learned 

The muscles we have conditioned

For a true living condition

And we push on

Separate Hands

We all sit around a fluorescent fire

Comforted by being side by side

Yet in a complete new world

Each of our minds

Has gone to find

Together we are in physicality

But in reality

We could not be farther apart

So we watch our fires

Burning in our hands

Selfish held plans

A new sense of community is born

From the hand held fires

That burn all night long

Separating us from

Dusk to dawn

When the One Lets You Down

I have had this car for years

Made it through many laughs

Hard fought tears

Somehow these metal and plastic walls

Have converted into more of a hollowed hall

Celebration of years worked

Half worked

Double time

But when it starts to go south

Off the linear path

It’s hard to decide

When to let go

To let the old vessel

Stroll alone

Down the final road

No more strategy

No more money

It’s the end of the road

When can I decide

These hollowed halls

Have lived through thin truths

Thick lies

But in the end

Life goes on

It’s the memories not the material

That I will take from this world

Hand Smoked Heat

Back to Chicago

Toll road to the city strolls

Winds blowing street tires

Filled with air pushing forward

The trips become a frequent chore

We open doors to adjust leather seats

Broken in and ripped

Hand smoked heat from summer shores

Semis headed off to 94

As we head for Lakeshore

Same city

Same sound

Familiar from the skyline to the broken ground


My first city

Lake Michigan shores

We head back once more