Little Words

Pack up the luggage

Keep a straight face

Back on the road

A musicians pace

Don’t take anything too close

Keep a little distance from the heart

Getting all involved

Will only make this hard

Little words with great meaning

We have to keep on keeping

NYC away we go

Be back when autumn rolls

For another winter lays ahead

Summers gone in the Midwest

We make our way from Brooklyn

To South Bend and back again

Tours ahead

Songs to sing and play

We look forward to being back in Brooklyn

On a beautiful autumn day

Constant Race

The constant race

Of the human race

Coming face to face

With realities

Of what will Be

What will not be

Committed to a community

Of people breathing and sleeping

Communicating all sensations

Of creations



Sharing with each other

The ideas of lovers

People hate

Other continue to love

We work well

On a Wednesday swell

Of the city

On the ground

In the NYC Town

Minutes take Seconds



So much is at stake

Minutes take seconds

To change

In one instant

The hard work

Begins to rearrange your life

New opportunities await

Challenges left hurdled

In your wake

Do not sleep past the rising sun

The morning calls

Opportunity calls




Copious Caring

I will take your odds

As odd as it seams

To be on far fetched dreams

No reason or bearing

On the future or past

No reason for overbearing

Copious caring

I will take the odds

Stacked against my favor

To savor each moment

In a town of full life enrollment

I face critics pen and ready

To shake their heads and while

Keeping their hands steady

Conformity breeds

Bland crackers

Watering down

Running into the sewers

Out of the streets

I will take your odds

You odd game

Make my best


And soon

I will see


Rush, Rush, Hurry




Nothing is worse than

The rush

The bustle of peoples muscles

Pounding pavement

Pushing gas pedals

Standing in Subways




Don’t let the mind sway or worry

Make it out in traffic

Sit and wait

Just to see if you can take





Miles from Bed

A thousand miles from my bed
Beat up
Bout dead
Blood shot eyed poker
Playing games other my mind
Looking for signs that I am close
To home
Make it in just 7 hours
Through the powers of flight
Through the night I coast
Trying to get home alone
To be joined with my lover
Upon arrival
Greeted with kisses
Back from the road
Because it’s her I’m missin
Airplane skid marks
Over national landmarks
In just a few hours
I will be home

Sky Above

We work hard to keep the dirt out
Hands black from wiping
Our hearts exhausted from working
The place had to be clean
It was oh so concerning
This foreign place is now our home
A year we will commit
To making out here
It starts with clean sheets
A soft pillow and a bed
Find a place to rest your head
We clean it into a home
A place of rest and peace
To be quiet and alone
In a city that values it’s silence
More than money or time
Working hard and toeing the line
We will pass through good seasons
And bad
Happy and sad
Me and my love
Alone under the sky above

Subtle Plans

Planes circle overhead

Outside dust stained windows

Bustling people away and close

Making their way from coast

To coast

On the ground cars rage honking



People walking




We hold hands

Weaving through the crowds

With subtle plans

We think

We can

We hope

We plan

In New York

No second guess

No delay

Or deferred progress

But I sit wondering

Looking at the planes overhead

Shuffling the people around the world

New York to LA

In clear light

Late in March

On a sunny day



A Winter Dawn

There is a particular Steely Dan song

That reminds me

Of when I was young

Being in the car with my father

Driving to school

I can’t make out the details

Something about Green Earrings

I remember these times fondly

The fatherly bond

Created through music and experience

I am not even sure that we talked

We just drove listening to the keyboard


Something happened in that moment

I can not tell you what

Or how

But I will remember it

50 years from now

Me and my dad

Listening to Steely Dan

On a drive to school

In a green Nissan

As the sun was cracking

From underneath

A winter dawn