Seize the Win

Seize the win

In easy time

Set up the win

In modern times

Holding hopes higher

Than the clouds that fly

Above our heads

Over the land

And through the mountains

Winning and losing

It’s just life

We are using


Eye on a Coat

Eye on a coat

Like the rye

In a loaf

From across the room

A classic look

Fish bound


These coats

Don’t come here often

Not in these parts

Never quite common

Precedent in Presence

What comes next

What pillar to fall

While the justices


Peace for all

What can be attacked

And won

When mere human will

Is running thin

We set our own fate

Etched in stone

Now as the gavel falls

One by one

It’s each man and woman

For their own

Time Back in NYC

Time back in the old neighborhood

Where it feels right

So good

Parking late night journeys

Leading to a morning early

Seeing the skyline

With a dusty cloud sitting

Just above the tall buildings proud

Good to be back in the city


If we can’t work together

Then there is no path forward

Nothing for us to look

Forward to

Seeing each other through

In a day

When all the words seem

To melt away

Into the deep grey unknown

Looking for the world

Seeking a home

With each other

One as one

Each our sister

Each our brother


Confusing Musings

Confusing musings

Of the art

Of distraction

Artificial attraction

The powerful few

Direct their efforts

To distract

The main crew

Abstractions of actions

And intent

No actions made

No messages sent

So how to tell the truth

Of the few

When lying is a standard

Act of the new forces

The Metered Approach

A metered approach

When the pain

Meets the brain

In moments of doubt

And confusion

Slowed down

To adapt to the motion

Listening to the muscles

Listening to the brain

Moving slow

When we are in pain

Poetry Day

Poetry day

Words on the lips

Feelings in the bones

Up the leg

And out the hips


A day of reflection

Some say

But today

For me

Is poetry day

No Legit Coat Tail


When you have skin

In the game

Direct linear regressions

When progression

Is needed to keep

The boats at sea


For another day

Coat tails in blasted



With scared hopes

Feelings down

And thin

White Marble

White marble walls

Clad with grey lines

Sign of the times

Good and indifferent

All in one place

Easy love

Slow pace

Coffee ground

Into finite matter

In the cup

And on the platter