Don’t Look Down

Don’t look down

Let go

Be bold

Favor the future

And face the truth



Tired Yet True

Set up to recover

What is false

Is set under cover

Truth is relative

In modern times

A theory

A sign

Tired but true

What comes quickly

Goes too

Spilled Milk on the Red Line

Spilled milk on the Red Line

Veins of white

Rush down the floor

“That ain’t mine”

The lady with two hats on yells

The man

Visibly exhausted with his head back

Is not one inch close to conscious

As the white pours through the isle

Pictures being snapped

A moment catches

The woman with the bike laughs

Late night Red Line

Public transportation

Strange spilled iterations

As the winds wind through

The tunnels

Below the streets

Of L.A.

Desperation of Desolation

The desperate times

Desperate measures

Come up with something good

A productive measure

In times worn thin

As the veil of light

Through the morning curtains

We have to continue to

Rely on food decisions

To set us right

Round the Corner

The simple smell

Can trigger so many memories

Roasting coffee

In Williamsburg

Takes me to years

On the road

So fresh and clean

Yet Smokey and full

The roast roars our into the air


And bringing back

Memories of good times

Day to Be

The coming days to be

Letting go of what was familiar to

You and me

A city

A life

For bigger and better

Discoveries and journeys

Letting go

While others hold so tight

That they squeeze the life

Out of the joy

Thy love

And love left

It will be

Goodnight City

Fears and hope

All mixed together

In on moment

Of letting go

Growing Up

Not growing old

Ride the train home

When the timing is just right

So the doors will open and

Step into the night

The Manhattan Strut

Water collections


That can potentially by cars

Keep clear of inch deep waters

Splashing from others

Falling items





The tight rope

Walk on thin ice

Manhattan Strut

In the reins of winter

Staying clear

Of the hazards

How I have learned from others

My own follies

Tried and true

Walking in the rain

I’ve learned to get through

The Laundromat – 5 Below

Was it worth leaving

As I watched the washing machine



It was only 25 minutes

A brisk walk at best

Then have to head right back


I’ll just stay

It’s only 5 degrees

Too cold for a walk


Which cycle now

Water sloshes from side to side

I’m glad I chose to rest

I’ve been pretty tired

Busy day at the laundromat

Sunday morning

I think it almost done

It would have had to have been a quick walk

But I am glad I stayed

Return Enter

Escape the fray

Sprawling traffic

On sun baked streets



With loaded garbage pales

On my mind

Outside the loop

Unsaid training stations

Headed west for

Western libations

Return enter

To the western end

Sip of coffee

LA blend

On the ocean beauty

Return to the feeling