Return Enter

Escape the fray

Sprawling traffic

On sun baked streets



With loaded garbage pales

On my mind

Outside the loop

Unsaid training stations

Headed west for

Western libations

Return enter

To the western end

Sip of coffee

LA blend

On the ocean beauty

Return to the feeling



Hourglass Test

Would you care to explain

Why the wind blows

Why the clouds rain

In times of trouble

In times of success

Sometimes the simplest of words

Helps to explain it the best

The world will dredge on

Day after day

Enjoy the moments

Take one to play

I can’t explain

What I don’t understand

Why even bother

When life falls through

Like the hourglass full of sand

Oh Los Angeles



Tick Tock

The helicopter chops

The lazy air in the sky

In pursuit of some woman

Or guy

The traffic slugs on a different path

While some thief is running fast

Los Angeles on a random Saturday

This is Los Angeles any day


The sun burned sky

Falls to a dark night

Taking us again

On the Los Angeles ride