Batch of Fury

What can I do

Seeing the beginning hrough

What looked like a simple task

Revealed a challenging mask

What I now must ask

What is the drive of a dream

Driving, pushing, ripping with steam

When steam is less of a stream

A trickle slowly flowing

Regrouping a new batch of fury

When it is needed in such a hurry

I knew that challenges would come up

Disrupt my path of commitment

Inner sentiment rattled

In an industry of noise and clatter

Struggling to find what matters

What is clear and concise

Hold on to notes more precise

A harmony that unites

Rather than divides

The stories coming from other story tellers

Tell the same story as mine

In a world less than divine

Struggles and distractions are what they find

I see the same hopes and failures

Hoping for grit to set sail


The New Summation of Dedication

I thought I knew what was dedication

The summation of creation by mean of constants

Recurring events

A passive attempt at making myself something

But life has taught me a new life of dedication

What is the daily commitment to a lack of procrastination

The blood tears sweat of daily motivation

Reckless abandonment of other pursuits

Caring for every moment

Every move

Dedication has a new life in my eyes

Taking every moment in time

As a crucial chance to invite new challenges

Looking back I truly did not know dedication

It was a pretty word used for protection

From a true lack of focused determination

But as I grow we realize

What is true dedication

Sofa Experts

It’s a sad day to think that people believe that they can watch a TV to become an expert. This lack of first-hand knowledge has made us one of the laziest generations ever. To think that we are judged not through the lens of humanity but through the lens of the television is a very very sad day. And to think that media, businesses, and big money has this much control over our minds is a frightful thing. call it bitterness call it jaded but the truth is these sofa experts are allowed to fake it.