Summer’s Corner

I will win

I will lose

Winter rolls in

Laying snow

Over scars soothes

We wait

We correct

Hoping for the best

We wait for summer’s corner

Or head west

We practice

We rehearse

Taking a chance

For no small splash

But a giant burst

I remember

I will win

I will lose

For my growing heart

This is no new





Lines on my Skin

Hard work sucks
It beats you up
Tears you down
All the while
The world spins round
The commitment must not waiver
Construction creation and assemble
Hard work makes you stronger
Sunrise sunset
Making you better
With every practice set
It is staying up late
And waking up early
From Thursday to Thursday
Everyday is a workday
It’s opportunity seen
And opportunity taken
No questions asked
No errors mistaken
Hard work wakes you up
And keeps you up
The competition grinds
While you fill your cup
With more coffee to keep going
Never stop
Never slowing
It frustrates and confuses
Engages and amuses
This is what I have learned about hard work
So when you shake my hand
In my eyes you look
The lines in my skin
I have earned
With every opportunity I took


Christmas Morning Commute

Cold air on sheltered skin

Slow sunrise and morning skies


Baking goods

Flour and eggs

Bells singing

House creaking

The more I grow

I realize

As we get comfortable

The world gets ready

For change


Life in Advance

Can we see the desire of a man
Through the filter of our own eyes
If we can
Than we should offer hope
That life is never simple
Or perfect
We must offer our best
To try and see
Through less filtered lenses
Dispensing love for no gain
Again and again
This is the ultimate challenge for us
To not judge at first glance
But at every chance
Give love
To all those in need
Pay it forward
Live life in advance

We: Make the World

Love is easy to give

Yet can be hard to find

Build it strong

In due time

Love will find a way

To make life better

In a simple way

Calling out to change

Forgiving and forgetting

Love can be the remedy

For anything upsetting

I search for love

Love to give

Love to keep

Love upon a deep mid winter sleep

The gift I give

Is not expensive

To be found almost anywhere

I give love

Without a care

I hope you do to

Do your part to make it

Not so hard to find

For when love is given

The world is a much better place

To live in

Alarm Frustrate

Early morning cracks on heavy eyes

Looking up hoping for a singular light in the sky

Wood creeks under foot and weight

Sleep vanished bewilder from alarm frustrate

Rise to another challenge another call

Rise one

Rise all

Days must be achieved rather than forgotten

A day awake

Rather than a day rotten

I will heed this plastic cases call

Resting on the bedside table

Rather than a wall

The dreaded alarm clock calls

Come one

Come all


The Common Denominator

What makes it better

What makes it worse

These vital feelings

We may not coerce

Pushing them in

Pulling them out

Will do us no good

If we are living like we should

Shall I wonder under a rock

Beneath feet pounding

Or center myself on ground

With my heart pounding

I am here for you

And you for me

That is why

We cannot let it be

Growth can occur

From one solid root

Life will burst

Into something beautiful bold

Your hand I hold

As we cry

Waiting for the storm

To blow by

These are not easy times

But they make us real

Through the fire burning

Born is true steel

I will be here now

And will be here later

Love will pick you up

It’s the common denominator

Love will push

Love will pull

Love will bring us back

Fill our hearts full

We live through great moments

We survive the bad

But at the end of any day

The good fights been had

I wish to say this

So that all can understand

You are my lady

And I am your man

All Things Certain

All things certain

I will forgo

For the chance to let go

Of what I know

To find what may be

Or maybe

I will find something new

The open road ahead

With just me and you

The western sun calls

Out from winters thralls

I am renewed

I am hopeful

That we can create something new

Something incredible

This is my hope

To let go of the certain

For what waits for us

Behind the red curtain


Carnival of Waste

Nothing disappointed me in music this year more than the claim or title that somehow Kayne West was the new Dylan. I needed to vent on this one.

It’s all about the hoes and the clothes

Songs about what others drove

Sipping crystal and shitting gold

That is what the new preacher told

My generation defined by such vanity

This new rhyme and rhythm

Isn’t what it used to be

Everyone singing about the “me”

How to satisfy oneself

Whether it be blatant

Or stealth

If Kayne is the new Dylan

Rolling up in a Bentley of Crimson

I will disown my own soul

If this is the price that must be tolled

For such vanity and glutton cannot be forgiven

Every single talent that is given

Should be taken away

Rather than wasted

Dylan sang for a generation

Calling awareness and action

Now all I hear is bullshit

Shooting gun

Pleasure the only “one”

To the ultimate satisfaction

I have no time for this carnival of waste

This recycled culture

Of copy and paste

I have no allegiance to this self-serving leader

Kayne no Jesus

And me no Peter

He defines no time

He is prolific poet

Not a single humble feature


It is to waste with such vigor

With chains of gold

Top down in the middle of winter

My frustration with my own generation

Giving golden crowns to those

With self views of inflation

I will not adhere to any of your calls

Forget your pitiful attempts to write your name

On history’s walls

I am not your follower and others say too

What you say does not reflect

In the things you do

No wishes for a brighter future

All the brightness taken

With your own scalpel and suture

So I willfully deny you of this title

Makes me sick if I just stayed idle

Kayne is no Dylan

That I know today

I will not change anything with words

But I said

What I needed to say