Calling Sides

Calling sides

Major dilemma

Taken in strides

Years come and go

Making room for us to grow

But what will come of

Yelling that coverts to anger

And anger


Let our resolve

Be greater than nothing

Lake Said

Lake said

Take care

On the eve of the

New year

Stations bustle

With life and hope

New Years resolve on

Full display

Hoping to see a year anew

Starting over in a city

Seeming to fit

This year will be a hit

Ship Canal

When the Des Plaines and Illinois Rivers


Headed to the Mississippi

There is a pace

Nestled on the shores

Of Lake Michigan

Black building scraping the sky

Leaning back

On the windy side

At the bed of the river

Lies mysteries

And long live series

Notes and pens

Float at the riverbed

Years of passing through a city’s heart

And in all of our heads

When the three rivers make one

And down stream it flows

Through Chicago

A Rotten Destiny

A rotten destiny

Filled with blasphemy

Blaming infamy

Of tyranny

On the everyday man

And woman


And odd

But when people die

Not even the truth can imply

That responsibility is ours

Behind these bars

I scream

Reasonable Christmas

Reasonable Christmas

With a happy start

With minds open

To the lines read from the sky

Happy friends and family

In great consultation

Avoiding politics

Or resignation

For a meager celebration

Hands together

For its a reasonable Christmas

Given the weather