Net Neutered

The net got neutered yesterday

Took the ole mate out back

Who needs equality of information

Let’s get the capitalistic wheels in motion

Nothing is free nothing is fair

Hold on to your memories

While the new politicians settle in

In a space and time

When the new future

Looks like a chained past

Growing up now we have to ask

How will new rules of net neutrality

Truly effect

You and Me



Summary Tone

Summary tones

Collections of the drones

Falling up and

Slamming down

Can we call back

At a better time

Call waiting

Call line

The First Step

The values held

Holding onto

What I have learned

From my journey through

The good times

The bad

Is that each individual

Has the ability to grow


And develop

But just because


Does not breed success

One must act

And take the first step

Feel the Steel

Feel the steel

In the air

In the water


Running through the veins


Sound the steel

See the light

Burning on the shores

A desire to go back


While the steel mills


All night long

We have done something


Mean Anything

While your young

Pursue your dreams

While you are young

Why is this

What does it mean

How can it be

That as we age

We can not accomplish anything

While we are young

So youth implies dreams

Age implies death

Our own cultural symbols

Abolished as we went

So “go while you are young”

Some say

But rather

Go old and young

Both together

Can pursue dreams

Accomplish things

Even though people say these lofty words

And it doesn’t mean a thing

The Steel Notebook

The steel notebook

Full of nondescript poems

Powered by sea foam

And purchased in time

The steel notebook

Has no rules or outcomes

Held on the corners

The steel notebook can fall

Back into my hands