From Now On

From now on

I will be better

At what I do

From now on

I will let go

Of what I can’t undo

From now on

I will look ahead

From now on

I will finish the things I’ve said

From now on

I will put my best forward

From now on

It’ll be ever onward

Poems for a Poet

Poems are for the poets

Surely not for me

“Words” are a better fitting

In the way I see

Although it has no pretense

No context

Or clearly guided path

I am just a homeless man

Not a gifted Sylvia Plath

Putting words to a paper

As fast as I can

There is no plan or arrangement

Just the connections made

And dues still to be paid

Toxic Infinity

Where does it stop

I am sick of toxic masculinity

But by being publicly stated

I feel I am going to be castrated

To firmly believe that not all men are bad

That is with those same broad

Strokes of generalism

That humanity has done it’s most heinous work

Under such infirmity

To instruct the world to hate

With such fervent stride

So with my beliefs

By my side

Each man is different

As I want the best for my wife

My family

I hope that we can understand

The differences that make each person


Rather than


Papers on the Window

Papers were taped to the window

The death of the old man

Had come with its effects

Throwing the local neighbors

In a whirlwind

But in a city

With thin walls

The calls to move on came

And heeded they were

And the world moved on

The old pizza spot

Was set to have a new dawn

Grate Tongue

A great tongue

Or a grate tongue

Is the difference between

Hope and death


And pesimissim

Yet the same words

Can yield such

Vastly different results

Hurled insults

Or praises

Can be raised to the sky above

So I must decide today

Which path to take

Which hope to say

To move forward

In a positive way

The Far Side of Life

On the far side

Of life

I have said many goodbyes

A few hellos

Quite a few yes’s

And the occasional no

I have grown

To come and know

What is good in life

What is to be cherished

What wastes time

And what is meritless

So everyday I rise

And smile

For what time we have here

Is just a short