Drawing Entitlement

What am I drawn to

Hope for the future

Caring and nurture

I challenge my own words

My own notions

Undergo forgiveness

And simplicity

I have to abstain from

Drawing entitlements

Made in vain


Carry the Fields

Black boxes roll along railroads

Across the country

Through fields

Next to streams

Between trees

And over bridges

Carrying the goods

Burning the coal

In the country we all

Know and love



Beating the iron

With wheels clad

On a Friday

In the Hoosier State

The Little We Know

The little we know

Is holding our growth

The fear of letting go

Prohibits where we can go

If we give up

We give in

Continue on

Thick or thin

The little we know

Hope fear and love

Hold your strength my dear

Keep your eyes to the sun

Jealous Eggnog

Eggnog anyone?

Poured over a hot sipping cup

My eggnog

Your eggnog

This holiday goldfish

Wrapped in infamy

We judge each other

Living in an alternative

Life from the real



Holiday treats filled with love

Not jealous emotions

This notion

I hold dear

Ready for Change

Ready for change

In time




Preparing the table

Setting it up

Sturdy and stable

We will move ahead

Into the blowing winds

Lean In

Lean in to hear

The words spoken softly

Worth waiting to hear

Every moment

Every cheer

Lean in time

Lean in past and future

Teach me

With the lean in

Ain’t that the Truth

Kids and a grand daughter

In the greatest of way

We talk

We laugh

Ain’t that the truth

I reply

As we slide through the history

We make friends

In these moments

All through life

Salisbury Steak

Certain meanings

Tucked in certain places

Certain feelings

Away in foolishness sameness

Salisbury steak on a Tuesday

Makes for a weird wire of digestion

As Wednesday approaches

Regret in tempting the only remnants

Of a Salisbury steak

Ruby Fields

Ruby fields

When the sun sets deep

In the western skies

Near the art of water

In summertime

Longing grains of wheat

Holding hands to the sky


In the evening moonlight