Boil it Down

Boil it down

To the simple

Undeterred truth

How uncouth

To lie and deceive

Achieve the goals

That were rolled up

Your sleeve

Boiled down

To simple


One stolen

To get wheee you are going


Ease the Tie

Ease the tie

Late into the night

Drinks flow

Twisting my fingers

Up and alright

Ease the ties that bind

Time to bring together

A bit of man and kind


Take Me In

Take me in night

Into your bitter cold

Biting hold

In the eve of a light

Find me thirsting for tomorrow



Holding the reigns of time

That tomorrow brings

Flying eyes of the night

All on hand

And ready for tomorrow’s light

Break or Broken

Some days

I feel as if I can break

Fragile and easy


Are more broken

From the get go

Getting along


So the ebbs and flows


Growing up

Growing old

We learn the right way

Wrong way to

Don’t hold too tight

Or the cold can get you

Offspring Joke

Offspring joke

Am I

Tied up

But quite alive

Mind my own

While I go on a vibe

But I am a joke

No more than the other

But I hope you can love me

As I love my brother

Cat Celebration

Cat celebration

Set up on

Insta nation

Holding the paws

On our attention


Far away the best

And less effective plan

Of a cat celebration on YouTube

Don’t you wish you could just

Be there too

Citizen Protest

Citizen protest

Has a utmost


Of achieving

Rather than debating

Move to action

Instead of emotion

Make advances

Instead of

Tying opinion

To special interest finances

Contrary and Equal

Contrary and equal

Parts and idealism

Made up to separate

And divide

When the hope of Unity

Is less alive

The rules of opposites

And equal

We have to understand that

Life is lived

Not in uniformity

But understanding and debate

So move forward

To save the state