Another way

Starts with another approach

To another day

Feeling frustrated

Is only alleviated

With actions

To set a course of correction

To put yourself out there

With no hopes of protection

Another way exists

Out here in life

We just have to find it

Before we find the



Lavender Skies

It might not be alright

It might be tough

The evening sunset

Was full of rust

That fell in my eyes

As I gazed upon it

The glaze had fallen of the sky

Into a hazy crimson

Shadow of the sun

How that night began

I would not have wanted to begun

But the lavender night rolled

In the evening gently

As the cold air

Crisp as it lays low in the fields

The lavender night

Is bringing me a feeling

That I can heal



And unheard

My words

Fall short

When they could

Be bold

In paperback

Or in print

But to me

It’s not important

What is

Is the process of creation

To practice


With patience

So I am set on that front

Nothing more that I want