A World I Don’t Know

A world I don’t know

Comes in a devastating


Of clashes

With people

Who’s intrinsic


I would hope to be


However in a world

I can’t understand

How one human hand

Can be turned into a

Violent machine

Of descimation


Is now

What I see

I’m not sure that

Is the world

Where I want to



Mean a Thing

The old fears

Dried up tears

Move up

Move out

All the changes happen

In specific time

And moments

We remove ourselves

To see the grand scheme

By it doesn’t mean a thing

When your heart is torn

What the Subconscious​ Knows

One more time

Second try

Perfect rhyme

Hold on to perfection

Or just let your instincts

Be your best regression

Hold on


Let go

Time to flow

And see what the subconscious knows

The Showers

Clean me oh great shower

Prepare me for another day

Refresh my senses in steam

And warmth

Relax my mind

Open my heart

Showers in the morning

Always seems to be

The best start