A Tale of Two Friends

A tale of two friends

Destiny begins

When fate ends

Around the corner

A separate situation

No preface needed

And no intimidation

Hope and dreams

Caught in the seems

Between two friends

As a message resends

No apology needed

When the conversation is heated

Between two friends

And that’s where this story



Poetry Day

Poetry day

Words on the lips

Feelings in the bones

Up the leg

And out the hips


A day of reflection

Some say

But today

For me

Is poetry day

No Legit Coat Tail


When you have skin

In the game

Direct linear regressions

When progression

Is needed to keep

The boats at sea


For another day

Coat tails in blasted



With scared hopes

Feelings down

And thin

White Marble

White marble walls

Clad with grey lines

Sign of the times

Good and indifferent

All in one place

Easy love

Slow pace

Coffee ground

Into finite matter

In the cup

And on the platter

Define Future

Can we define the future

Decide with knife and suture

What will be remembered

And forgotten

Is the past obsolete

Or a defining feature

Of what growth must be


What will lead us forward

Or what holds us back

Can we define the future

And be so matter of fact

Some will be dismissed

Some gathered

My own mind

Would rather

Be in the moment

And experience reality

Not technology

Depressions ridden





What will go

And what will last

1969 Jade

Jade of the 60’s

Green in its glory

Floral wishes

Morning territory

A jade in the grass

Amongst the leaves

Of history and preset

Present hope

To find the jade

Lost entirely

Lost amongst the years

And in the crest

Of the oldest tree

A Rainstorm Sip

Rainstorm sips



Good to the last drop

Hold the foam

Take away the unknown

Chicago roads

Wet concrete


Lay open

On the streets ahead

Inflame Wish

An inflamed wish

In flames

Of fury


The news coming through

Is not the hopes

Of the everyday


Hold the wish

Step on the applause

Coming out of the broken speakers

Tweaking our numbers

To create magic

From a life turned