Down Around Town

This is as much a piece of work as it is a play on words and meaning. I try to utilize the last
word in the last 3 lines of each verse to speak something to the reader – in addition
to what the poem is actually reading. I am trying to find a way to convey meaning
both internally and from the roots of the poem, utilizing words that struck a chord
with the mind frame in which I am writing. Enjoy!
Words burning up
And falling down
All around

Tinsel town

Not one man


Can say

And “Play”

Words collide slowly


The ceiling

Cracking and peeling

A mind collection



A thought of pretending

Through veins pumping

Asking to quit

This shit

And just sit

Pockets invaded

In time

Not one dime

Will be mine

Forgetting questions

Ask for yours

For tours

Through U.S. contours

Tipping crashing

Feeling tall

Until we fall

And beginning to crawl

Thoughts collapse

With whiskey

A bit risky

And feeling frisky

Further patience made

In time

A clear mind

Will be a sign

To clear the stage


Simply adhere to a bow

Replying “Ciao”


The End of Days Mayan Tribute Video


This is The Bergamot’s ode to the Mayans. Dedicated to the Mayans on the last day of the world, according to their calendars, December 21st 2012.


If there was no tomorrow
Do you think you’d be alright?
If you had to go with me
Do you think you’d put up a fight?


Leaves and limbs are bending
But the trees are standing upright
There is a bitterness in the air
And a coldness in the night


But I don’t
Want to tell you
All the
Dreams I have
I take a breathe
And turn
That’s when it happens
Your gone

Anticipation is building
Fear creeps in through the night
Breathe deep and move quickly
Everything will be alright


Fields they are burning
As you hold me close tonight
Winds around us are cursing
They hiss with the passing of time



Midwest’s Favorite Son



Packing up

Heading out

Tires worn

Weathers stout

Leather seats

Coffee linger

Manual transmission

Grabbed with my fingers

Snack to go

Stop on the way

Exit ramps

Take me away

Grayish skies

Golden lamps

Street lines

Cement stamped

Pay toll

On your way

To Chicago

Make today

Through Portage

Can’t stay

Pass through Gary

Where the buildings lay

South shore

To the left

People wait

Information to digest

Trash heaps

Grass clippings about

Semi’s splash sideways

On this quickened route

Crimson chimneys

Black char

Upon the sky

On the car

City high

Cracks in the evening sky

Cars pushing on evenings door

A bit more on 94

Loop in 15 minutes

Flying by running

Hit the gas

A city stunning

Lakeshore and St. Louis

That’s the one

Midwest crown jewel

The favorite son

Get left in a hurry

Don’t wait

Taxi’s holler

Know your way

Final decent pulls at the light

From cornfields and valleys

Stop lights

And City bright

A trip

Many have taken

It’s true beauty

Should not be forsaken

A man made jewel

Upon land it rests

Lake Michigan laps easy

Upon it’s eastern breast

The horns call you back

Into a heightened state

The pulse pulls you in

With colors ornate

Skyscrapers scratching

The evening skies

Covered in fog

And out of sight

We will take to the show

A feeling upon senses

Put this thing in park

The city can be relentless

Hit the stage in the windy city

Songs sweat soaked and soaring

Into the evening hours

And into morning

Sleep wide-eyed and wonder

5 am and much needed slumber

No play is perfect yet has feeling

Lay awake and look at the ceiling

Arise I will be

Way to early

Thoughts running

Heaters burly

To do it again

I will I will

But for now

My head this pillow will fill

Random Coffee Notes – The Beginning

Brown beans roast Caramel hues

Falling on Embers of sweet bitters

Swirling softly blending cream & butter

Fall softly on palettes rejoicing

Voicing things sweet & tender

This is a wonder of texture

And timbre

It embraces the tongue and sustains the mind

Wrapped around smooth air tucked

In every cup waiting

To be released tender on ones tongue awaiting

It’s chance to dance for a moment

In ones conscious golden component

It is a treat to behold

A love to endure

And a true addiction of the senses

At the Café people embrace thoughts and minds

Spilling on the edges of the cup

To be filled is one

To be embraced is to be much more

To sit lightly and await the subtle berries

Flowery greeting of the senses

It brings out the sky and air

Leaving gentle hues upon your mouth

Awaiting one more

This is not an easy love

To come back one more time

To refresh both mind and senses

It settles the mind

Awakes the rest in us

In a simple joyful recluse

To get away

Escape this world



High Heel Sound

When the rains falling down

Just north of downtown

Come and find me

In Chicago town

With the blur of lights

And bursts of sounds

Ill be around

In Chicago town

Blue, Pink, Red, and Yellow

Where the trains circle round

Just come find me

In Chicago town

When the city of the bend is empty

I’m South Shore bound

Headed over

To Chicago town

Where men walk tall

To a high heel sound

Look all around

In Chicago town

On Hands

On Hands

The feeling slight touch tampered

Pushed slow with cold and nimble finger

Fall unbending and holes hammered

I could not go far without these bending fingers

To pluck a song or bend a note

Flowing words with these hands have wrote

Now gestured feelings have gone noticed

But the hands have feeling and know this

Fingers fill future forms fair

With wispy time and southern air

These hands have given me a reason

To know the words fill and dare

They say a lot about someone

Where they been things they have done

Hands hold the horrors and honors of life

Strife success and keep us alive with the rest

Study wisely the lines herein

A soul can be seen worn

Down round the nails and within

But the hands are only the maker

The maker of things so much greater

Greater than ever

But oh never never

Seen a man with the hands of leather

The hand that has tended the field

Or played the piano

Passed the football

Just taken up a heavenly yield

These are the things that connect and unite

Although can be made to fight in the night

It is the use that will tell you know

Where this fellas been from and where he might go

To Louisville

Gunna roll on down to Louisville

Out on those Indiana roads

Might get in by one or two

But who the hell really knows

We just go and go and flow

And the wheels roll and fill the night full

The winter grasses while the evening dashes

From the height of day to the lull of night

Now and then a passer by

Will procure a hand or a gestured sigh

For we have a bit to go and no way to know

How the night will go and the other folk

Passing signs and dotted lines

These are the signs that we are getting there

There to Louisville on a crooked path

Around in Indy is where we will make our dash

The night slowly laps against the wind on her side

We ride it steady and true and pray through the night

She keeps me safe and my lover alongside

So warm and cozy she has made this long ride

Soft silky breeze on a humid winter night

You don’t see this often but it feels quite alright

Shocks that rattle and wheels that jitter

This old car still has it in her

Incandescent lit gas stops that’s where she rests

To grab a small drink

She swerves and curves yet never quite wavers

Safety is first – got to spend money to save her

But now the bridges we pass we are getting quite close

As the night creeks on that when she rattles the most

Now she is silent a cruise she is on

But with every sharp sound she still rumbles on

A path she will find even in the cold of winter

Its easy to say she is not a pretty winner

We stop for dinner and pull right over

To Louisville we will be before night is over

Siri calls out with a voice that is commanding

You are 5 minutes away from the land where you’re landing

The night is late now and I hope to rest even

However driving this car has got my head reeving

Sun is long passed expired and the black is everywhere

I step out of the vessel into the night cold air

Tonight she did well

My eyes applaud her with a glance over my shoulder