To Louisville

Gunna roll on down to Louisville

Out on those Indiana roads

Might get in by one or two

But who the hell really knows

We just go and go and flow

And the wheels roll and fill the night full

The winter grasses while the evening dashes

From the height of day to the lull of night

Now and then a passer by

Will procure a hand or a gestured sigh

For we have a bit to go and no way to know

How the night will go and the other folk

Passing signs and dotted lines

These are the signs that we are getting there

There to Louisville on a crooked path

Around in Indy is where we will make our dash

The night slowly laps against the wind on her side

We ride it steady and true and pray through the night

She keeps me safe and my lover alongside

So warm and cozy she has made this long ride

Soft silky breeze on a humid winter night

You don’t see this often but it feels quite alright

Shocks that rattle and wheels that jitter

This old car still has it in her

Incandescent lit gas stops that’s where she rests

To grab a small drink

She swerves and curves yet never quite wavers

Safety is first – got to spend money to save her

But now the bridges we pass we are getting quite close

As the night creeks on that when she rattles the most

Now she is silent a cruise she is on

But with every sharp sound she still rumbles on

A path she will find even in the cold of winter

Its easy to say she is not a pretty winner

We stop for dinner and pull right over

To Louisville we will be before night is over

Siri calls out with a voice that is commanding

You are 5 minutes away from the land where you’re landing

The night is late now and I hope to rest even

However driving this car has got my head reeving

Sun is long passed expired and the black is everywhere

I step out of the vessel into the night cold air

Tonight she did well

My eyes applaud her with a glance over my shoulder


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