Breaks of Thunder

Breaks of thunder

A mile south

Of downtown

Around a bend

In a field

That is where the sounds

Are hurled

On a Monday night


Confusing Musings

Confusing musings

Of the art

Of distraction

Artificial attraction

The powerful few

Direct their efforts

To distract

The main crew

Abstractions of actions

And intent

No actions made

No messages sent

So how to tell the truth

Of the few

When lying is a standard

Act of the new forces

The Metered Approach

A metered approach

When the pain

Meets the brain

In moments of doubt

And confusion

Slowed down

To adapt to the motion

Listening to the muscles

Listening to the brain

Moving slow

When we are in pain

Hope Check

Send the check

As fast as you can

Hand it over

Just as we planned

Cover the bull

And the bill

Some loose change will do

Hold up the hundred so you can see


Hope check sent in the mail

Held onto and saved

To a forest path

It has been paved

A Tale of Two Friends

A tale of two friends

Destiny begins

When fate ends

Around the corner

A separate situation

No preface needed

And no intimidation

Hope and dreams

Caught in the seems

Between two friends

As a message resends

No apology needed

When the conversation is heated

Between two friends

And that’s where this story


Bride Cereal

Bride cereal marry me

On top of flakes of


A magical potion

Of wheat and protein

Lipids and things


Take me away in

The morning hours

Bride cereal you have

My power

Flex Defendant

The flex defendant

Showing power over the weak

And resistance to the strong

Defense has a way

Of proving others wrong

To which party do you belong

A defense required for some


Mistakes made

Now someone is suing

Flex the great muscle of confusion

And deter

The truth

Flex defendant

Has no oath to prove