Dope Jacket

Man that is a dope jacket

As the man at the counter


Late night appeal

I wish you a good night

And a great night rest

Dope jacket he said

With a slight jest


One Folly

Feeling alright

With a bottle of whiskey

And some cheap pizza

Walking around


Walking a curved line

To the rooms

Late into the night

Laughter and jolly

As the night goes on

One mistake

One folly

Reset Desert

A fresh reset

The desert has a way

Of clearing the mind

Out past the plains

And short of the coasts

There is a place

Where the air

Is clear

Fresh takes

On a new day

Palm trees along the streets

Down in the desert town

Fleeing Green

The vines wrap

Over the edges



Making a way


The start to finish

I can relate

With that fleeting hope

Slowly crawling

Maybe to better

Maybe to worse

But ahead

Non the less

Nothing Goes Unnoticed

Hard work


Fulfillment of obligations

Laid out straight

While the days fade away

No note rehearsed

Doesn’t resound

In some place

Some moment

Even when hope itself

Seems dim

The most ardent


Will win

Life’s too Short to Eat Fried Fish from Costco

Life is short

And simple

Food is too

But somehow I am confused

How is a piece of fish

From across the world

Cheaper than one

From a pond

Right where I stand

Fish sandwich in hand

Oh great food industrial revolution

Not cheap

Just confusing

I would rather eat grass from

The lawn


Or other

Where in the hell

Did we go wrong

The food pyramid

Has been payed out flat

Turned into an oval

Of a conveyor belt

To our stomachs

Can we shut it off

Can we return to our own homes

Where all the good things are grown