Yesterday’s Wars

We can’t talk about yesterday

When the vitals 

Are happening right now

In the moment

When the words fall short

No returning to precious fair

Previous affairs

I hold concern for the current

Not the past

But words craft

A simple talking point

When the conversations been lost

How we spend time

Dwelling on

Yesterday’s wars

When tomorrow’s are

Sitting on our front door

Roll Call

I know you want security

Hope and a home

Somewhere to go

To be alone

You and me

How do we balance


With a sense of equality

To be loved

Yet not alone

When our legs our tired

To find a home

When the money comes through

When the investment pays off

Might be tomorrow

Or never

The life we live

We have chosen and embraced freely

The roll call being made

Reminds us of the toll it takes


Begin Again


Back again

I am

How is it that when

The open road calls

The mind goes quiet

Simply put

But back in my chair

Armed with new ideas


New experiences from

Across the country

Again I write

I reunite with a friend

I truly

Begin again


The Oregon Coast

Waves crash uneven


Reaching my ears

Pulling up

Pushing back

From the salty breeze

To the easy skies

Oregon coast

In my eyes

Waiting for the sun

To push through the clouds

While the sea lurches on

Bending up

Pulling back

The trees sit atop the mountains

Clean air

Subtle motion

Back to Words

Back to Words

Renewed and new

Old and worn

Planted and grew

I refresh in a new 

Set of words

Tied in meaning

And time

I return to Words

In search of rhyme