I Didn’t Pay for This

Stars in the news

Youtube megamillions

Billions of views


Honestly, what the hell

Is going on

Where did we get it all wrong

From one not to the next

This is a most horrendous song

You get what you pay for

But I didn’t pay for this

Bombshells like his


Consider My Age

What will become of the hundreds


That end up giving up everything

Come up just a bit short

Short of the goal

Slightly off the objective

What happens when those souls

Examine minimum wage

And reconsider everything

Starting with their age

These revelations come on off days

When I am at the store

Realize somehow everything moves along

Push the grocery shopping cart

Keep shopping

Shake it off


Hourglass; Tell Me

Hourglass tell me what time will bring

What joys my heart will sing

What pain will be laid on my heart

How I will be broken

And how I will put it all back apart

Will I be rich

Will I be poor

Will I have to ask for help a little more

Hourglass read me my hours

As I fall asleep

Tell me what will be lost

And what I can keep

What is whole

To me known and unknown

Hourglass fasten my eyes on the future

Hourglass bring me hope a little sooner

LA On A Saturday Night

Pull down the street with lights not the cars

Cops interviewing a man on a bike

“Is it safe to pass”

I ask

“Not quite sure what all happened here,

A shooting I guess”

Was his response

My stomach turned a bit

“We are staying up the street,

Will we be alright?”

“You should be fine”

This is LA on a Saturday night

Malls: The Great Demise


What will become of these ancient beasts

As the tides of merchandising physically

Eternally decrease

What will happen to the giant escalators

The buildings will be filled with vacancies

Then what are we left with

A skeleton of what was

Hieroglyphics to be studied about our culture

Pulled apart like the bones of a unlucky prey

Beneath the vulture

What will become of these voids

As our time will be filled up with droids

Clouds in the sky raining on empty buildings

It will not come soon

For some maybe not soon enough

What will happen when tastes and preferences move on

The malls are going to get ditched

Pretty rough

Sweet of Me

Sweet of me

Coffee on a Friday night

Slow motion 

Next to the Atlantic Ocean

Our bed is a revolving door

Ask me tonight and I will be unsure

Of where I will sleep tomorrow

But tonight I drink you in sweet

In a cafe 

Near the Abbott Kinney street

Distracted Attractions

Oh what questionable distractions

Attractive as first glance

Quaint and uneasy

Under examined

The sun

The sky

The moon lit nights

Palm trees

Oh the goodness of distraction

The fruitfulness of sanity

Returned from a distant place

Now and again

My distracted zen