Harvest the Seeded

I try

And may never achieve

What I set out to do

I just have to believe

Hope and give more

Than I thought ever needed

But if we make it through

From the plants we harvest

We once seeded


Settling In

Settling in

Letting go

Growing up

Getting old

In spare of energy

And desire

We just hope to make it

One inch higher

An Ossified Chief

An ossified Chief

A toy with a price

Like long-term parking

With no return flight


To be called

A chief just like a real toy

Played with

A familiar sight to see


A Jaded Price

How to get ahead

When the cards

Read a different fortune

How to run fast

When my feet are full

Of lead

The options limited

But the hopes high

And growing

Where this race

Will need

I still wish I was knowing