The Daily Stew

This news

Is nothing new

We just should have knew

That politics and corruption

Is all part of the stew

That these posers brew

In the private of lives

They steal the stars from the sky

But what do I know

I have no job

Nowhere to go

Just an itch to write

I am for truth

But rather write what I simply know

The Digital Guillotine



No need for evidence


That is the mantra

So that we can all watch a

Public rebuke

Of persons involved

Whether the accusations true

Or unsolved

We have created the new defacing apparatus

To take down each other

What remains is little status

Make no mistake

Truth has come out in these times

For which good ends meet

But we have to be careful who we publicly

Skewer in the digital streets

So lets seek justice not malice

Peace not war

What we have learned

We still have so much more