Closest Door

Close the door

Before you speak

Close the door

If you are feeling week

Walk outside the door

If you wish to quit

Walk balk through

And do it again


Oh The Times

Oh the times

When we had them

When they left

A time of civility

Has left me bereft

In individual personal



Down the drain


Driving from streets

To ledges

Who hears

Or listens

Civility has all but left

The greatest heist

The lowest theft

Saturday Games

Saturday games

Light up houses

In the midwest

Hopes on the line

All along with

The Rest

Cheers and screams

All in one moment

Saturday games

Holding on

But don’t own it

Capitol Strain

The capitol strain


On an unexpected


Don’t reap what you can’t


Sage advice says

How the world looks


When the joker has

No more jokes

When the laughs go old

The capitol strain

Has its hold

Air Antiquity

The music drones

Late into the night

After hours

As the sunset

Slips out

Of sight

The air is dim

And full

Rosins from the bull

Pushing the city

As the air antiquity

Rumbles from below

The city vents

All on my own