The Tyranny of Propinquity

The tyranny of propinquity

Not by the governor

Rather by the governed

Promotion of oneself

To others

Whether it be helpful

Or whatever druthers

The focal point

Revolving around self

Can be a distraction

To the world around us

Bring down our mental health

Pushed by computers

Autonomous machines

We paint out every line now

Every scene

To share

To focus on me

Is this the grasping point

Of technology

We must oblige to pass

On devices that consume

Texting and eating

Making calls in the bathroom

Time forgotten

Time wasted

Time forgone

Let we wake up free

To smell the fresh summers lawn

For the tyranny of propinquity

When life is lived digitally

Is to much

For me


Forgettable Notes

Forgettable notes

On a seemingly empty guitar

Opened eyes late

Pushing hard

Living in tight bags

Reclined in the car

Many nights spent wondering

Who you are

Days home

Or days spent over

In countries afar

All deals settled

For one chance

Forget the drama

The romance

This is the only shot

One finale

Coming up shooting

From the depths of sorrows valley

I miss Nashville

I miss LA

Hope to make it back

The city landscape portrayed

Form and function

Met up at the I 90 junction

Headed out of town

I’ll make it back home

Come back around

If Indecision Supersedes Incision

When complete indecision

Supersedes the incision

Of which

We inject ourselves into the world


Taken off

We will run

Fast, hard, and lean

Towards the summation

The local or destination

Our minds will not sleep

Nor our hearts give



Until we find our ends

In this one fine nation

Questions will be asked

Notions given

Whether we are losing

Or we are winning

Hello world

Let’s become friends

We learn from our mistakes

Now and then

But tonight we begin

We no longer hesitate

To wake in the morning

And shake hands

With our new fate

The Blowing Lark of Winter

Stay inside

There is a storm out there

Blowing winds so cold

It will shrivel your fingers

I am told

City in chaos

A driving ban

Amongst all of this

How could we plan

Just about one thing

I never seen anything

Quite like this

The blizzard of 78


When this storm hit

Apocalyptic winds

Hustle over the earth

Creating a sense of unknown

In darkness so cold

In the air you hear the raging sea

Even though the sea is

Nowhere near me

Or you

We stay locked in doors



With the blowing lark

I am amazed at this


And in awe

None of us saw this coming

None at all

But here is this storm

This beast

This apocalyptic creation

Bearing down hard

On the Hoosier nation

From Chicago

Down the South Shore

We have seen snow

And more

More more

Sleep well rested

While the buildings foundation

Is tested

We stay covered

We stay alive

This is the most violent wrath of winter

I have ever seen

The January winter

Of two thousand

And fourteen

Blooming Questions

The world will not wait

No delay

No reason to hesitate

I move

I question

I try

In the evening

Under the crisp

Morning sky

Our destiny


Questions blooming

Into discussions

Full answers restricted


Somedays feel

As if we go

Where the wind will blow


But today

Reasons develop reasonably

In this season of cold

We set out on a journey

Forward march

Is where we will go

Gazing Ball Responsiblity

field collage

Gazing Ball Responsiblity

Freedom outlined with responsibility

Sounds so trivial

So silly

But the concepts upon which

Failure and success

Of our free country


Are within

The two words mentioned


With freedom comes responsibility

Not political commitment

Or rigid views

Simple daily responsibility

Of citizens


And you

No questions raised

About money, religion, or race

Equality to all

Under the human race

Let us be responsible for what we do

What we say

How we act

How we pay

For creations made responsibly

Temptations and challenge

Run rampant at our fingertips

Accessing the world

In just a few clicks

But with this gazing ball of wonder

You cannot underestimate

Your responsibility

To the greater mankind

So please be kind

Be helpful

A great nation

Flawed indeed

But if there is one call we can heed

Whether a conservative or a liberal

Is mutual respect for each other

And our responsibility

To make the world better

So that from sea to shining sea

We can create something beautifully

With true responsibility

From me to you

And you to me

Liquid Lights







Liquid Lights

The polar vortex winter

What the heck is that

Where hot and cold intersect

Casting a spinner on the midwest

Over Chicago, Gary, and South Bend

The rust belt on lake Michigan’s end

A vortex

Sets 4 feet of snow on the deck

I am amazed at the violence this

Storm creates

Thrashing cars on highways

Like liquid lights on the road

It is unlike any winter I have known

Where the volatile winds blow

The crushing cold

Oh the cold

It seems unbearable

Stopping pumping engines in its tracks

Planes left running

On snow filled tarmacs

A smack

Of this winter vortex

Sets us spinning

Holding on to wheels

Less like driving

More like swimming

I hope to see the end

We just pull up a chair and watch

The true entertainer

The dropping thermometer

Watching it fall

Way below what I have ever known

Freezing finger tips instantly

With a frigid blast

I can only hope

This vortex

Is my first and my last

Man Cut Short









Man Cut Short

So the world goes

A man wakes up

A man goes to sleep

Yet you should know

That every night

Small thoughts

Creep through his head




Deep in his thoughts

These weaknesses

These flaws



And seal a certain fate

For a man

Who leaves these cracks


Is the man whose life


Way before it should have ended