Man Cut Short









Man Cut Short

So the world goes

A man wakes up

A man goes to sleep

Yet you should know

That every night

Small thoughts

Creep through his head




Deep in his thoughts

These weaknesses

These flaws



And seal a certain fate

For a man

Who leaves these cracks


Is the man whose life


Way before it should have ended


Dust Life Off

Working on waiting
Waiting to work
Life held up
Can be frustrating
Held back
Pick life up
Dust it off
Get going
Let go
Live with no care
Work hard
Life is better
Lived this way

Lie and Wait

We lie and wait
For our inevitable
Changing fate

There is no crime in worry
All these changing events
With no grand hurry

This Thursday we depart
Lost belongings and hanging art

We long for the new feeling
Creation of our being
This is the call we are heeding

We depart in only days
So many miles away
We find new hope and worry

This will come on a normal
January morning flurry

Long Days and Unpaid Bills

Long days and unpaid bills
Winters long and summer thrills
Get laid off find a new job
Find the hustle to make ends meet
I will never sit in the CEO seat
But this hustle has a beat
A beat that keeps my feet moving
Put some food on the table
Waiting for news
Information I could really use
The days slip through my fingers
All everyone sits around and debates
Whether the songs written
Have what it takes
To pay the health insurance
To give my life a little assurance
Is that all I sought?
a fish swimming through life
In the net of capitalism caught

Swollen Hands

Her heart has more love to give

Then I’ll ever know

Her heart has more love to give

And she’s growing old

Time can harden your heart

Break you apart

And turn it into sand

With weary eyes

And weathered lines

No one would understand

These eyes see the world

Felt the knife slide through

Her swollen hand

Call the birds

Forget yourself

Put your ambitions on the shelf

No way to live

Don’t ask but give

Breeding nothing but bitterness within


This heart has more love to give

Then I’ll ever know

This heart has more love to give

And we are growing old

When things get bad around you

Walls falling down too

I know what she’ll do

She will start again

With some new friends

A new life so far from the bends

Make her way

Cutting off the slack

Far away and never looking back

Then one day

She will turn and say

Things were never quite the same

She will know

That in her soul

Pain fades but never grows old

Corporate Giants

Oh no it looks like the corporate giants are at it again
Taking money from the thick and thin
They don’t believe in things like sins
If it’s one more dollar in their pocket they win
Deceit and betrayal are their corporate focus
Taking every little dollar from every little person with a little hocus-pocus
Don’t worry about calling them they already know what’s going on
They don’t much care that what they do is wrong
There is a little hope and redemption from a small voice like mine
I guess it just must be at sign of the time
Before too long I’ll be back at it again
Because corporate profits are the same now
As they were back then
A dollar earned is a dollar saved but a dollar stolen is a dollar played
Corporations love their games and love their dollars
The best I can hope to do is just scream and holler
Greed will continue on regardless of its ambition
It will write a new book the third edition
So don’t forget when somebody takes your money one day
It’s the one and only
Corporate way

TV’s On

Late night at the Italian joint

we sit tired and staring

talking about how we are

going to make our lives


6 tv’s blaring telling us what to think

Next I am easily distracted

by the compact box

lighting the room

the food is good and will do

but as for me and you

it has been 10 years in the making

no more waiting

we are going to make our move

but for now in this vacant little resteraunt

we enjoy each other

even with the tv’s on