Is there a Right?

Is there a right

A place where you can be alright

Whether the answer is yes or no

Is there a right

Can one truly be wrong

Without any truth answered



If there is right

Can I choose this

Rather than choosing wrong

Can I choose it

Or does right choose me

Will it pick me up

Or let me be

Can I only know right

If I had been wrong

Right must appear

Through frustration and hope

But in the end I know

I hope

I can choose what was right

Because life is short

Yet days can be long

I hope that in the end

I can choose

Right from wrong


Lie and Wait

We lie and wait
For our inevitable
Changing fate

There is no crime in worry
All these changing events
With no grand hurry

This Thursday we depart
Lost belongings and hanging art

We long for the new feeling
Creation of our being
This is the call we are heeding

We depart in only days
So many miles away
We find new hope and worry

This will come on a normal
January morning flurry