The Resolve of Cooler Heads







Until cooler heads prevail

Under mild winds

Set sail

No good will come of this

No anger will resolve

Will new problems evolve

Cutting new wounds

Deeper than the original

So until cooler heads prevail

The boat sits in the harbor still

Waiting until

The patterns change

Sending this craft back

On its way

Is there a Right?

Is there a right

A place where you can be alright

Whether the answer is yes or no

Is there a right

Can one truly be wrong

Without any truth answered



If there is right

Can I choose this

Rather than choosing wrong

Can I choose it

Or does right choose me

Will it pick me up

Or let me be

Can I only know right

If I had been wrong

Right must appear

Through frustration and hope

But in the end I know

I hope

I can choose what was right

Because life is short

Yet days can be long

I hope that in the end

I can choose

Right from wrong


The Smell of 4 below

Ice cubes and fresh cut linens
The smell of 4 below
I need something to warm
My chilled bones
From the crisp belligerent cold
Tiny crackles with gentle steps
An Indiana landscape windswept
I need to get home
This cold assaults you
Felt left alone
In this unbearable cold