A Tradition of Bad Decisions

Oscar has no love for fraternities

On that note

Oscar’s love left him

When she was in a sorority

I guess she had different


While the majority of the US

Has the tradition of bad decisions

Oscar from Paris

Sees it much differently

He said that everyone

Was into his french accent

He was a type of delicacy

At these types of sororities

But they lacked in advanced thought

Somehow this childish nature

Would furnish a top degree

Oscar could not disagree more

I found this conversation

At a bar in Brooklyn

With delightful fascination

Oscar and me

Talking about sororities

In New York City


The Relativity of Luck

Guts and glory
Unlikely story
Small town roots
Strapped up big town boots
Through determination
One finds success
In this great nation
Hard work means nothing
It is expected
Luck is where
Preparation and opportunity
So no whining about conditions
Is a state of mind
Than definitive
Hoping and wishing is bullshit
Work it till your hands bleed
And you’ll be a hit
Small town values
Work through adverse conditions
The ethics you learn
The routine you practice
Will outrun any superstition

My Soul Thaw

I am literally thawing out from such a frigid winter this year. 80 degrees and 100 humidity never felt so good. I am glad that summer has decided to show up for a couple of months. We will see how long it lasts. I hope that you are enjoying the beginning days of your summer also. I hope it is a great time of year! Cheers!

Summer bursts greens and blues

Humidity warming things up in a misty hue

The sun heats up the ground below

Finally I can feel my soul thaw

Come out from a chilling sleep within

Crackling of birds let you know summer is near

I can see it and feel it in the air

Of a summer morning and evening light

All the hot wind got me feeling alright

Mulch and grass clippings remind me

Of growing up on the farm

Taking care of the horses and dogs

Long days

Hours spent

Working to keep the farm up and running

In those days sweat ran fast

When the sun was shining

Brining me back to today

As the sun shines away

Giving life to a lifeless canvas

Bringing back the feeling of senses

This is summer

Thank god for it’s coming

Just seeing people outside sunning

Lady’s looking fine in skirts and linens

Reminds me of what I love about summer

Its carefree reminder of what is great

Simple yet joyful

Thank God summer is here

Lighting the Sky

I have been back in the States for just a couple of days. I have many writings and poems from Europe that I will be sharing soon. Life has been busier than expected all throughout Europe and even upon my return. In which case I end up writing in my book and not posting. I will make sure to get these posts up soon. Tonight a wicked late spring storm rolled in and I found it to be the perfect time to saddle into my chair and get the blog rolling again. Nothing like a little summer storm for inspiration. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for stories from Europe. Cheers.

Evening wear and summer thin

Sit right here to watch the storm roll in

Spitting drops from up above

Somehow this feeling fills me with love

Winds blowing from the west

Moving trees



Step outside and let the rain wash you back in

Have not seen clouds gather in months

Feels nice to see the storm front

Moving through this little town

Sending people inside

Wind blowing around

The days work will be left undone

Unless you finished in the setting sun

Rain will come for a couple of days

Bringing new light from the suns rays

But tonight it is dark as an evening lake

With waters so black no light penetrates

The night pulls us in to watch as the storm strikes

Moving quick

Striking fast

Rain splashes on the cement street

Getting our feet wet

Sending us into a retreat

Under the roof for some simple cover

Wind blowing now

Storms pulling at the seams

Grappling to throw down

Thunder playing a marching song

While the lightning illuminates the sky

The flash camera snaps catching all in one place

The trees hold still as our corneas adjust

For a moment the world is a white washed gray

Held in place by the light

Then darkness resumes bending trees and leaves

Up down all around

Flashing white amidst deep black hues

All on a summers storm

The thunder plays

The lightning song

Latched Upon Sunlight

Some days are just short writings. Time seems to fly by and I can not grab enough of it to sit down and do my daily writings. This week I am trying to get 2 writings done per day as next week I will be on the road the entire time. So here is a shot little piece – it is starting to warm up in the Midwest – finally. Enjoy.

Winter wears thin

Latched upon sunlight

A little more feels alright

Wait for more to come