The Recycled Sofa

It’s not for everyone

The rain outside the window

Chased by a bellowing siren

Distant and cause 


Somehow the romance of the city

It’s not what others would

Consider pretty

But sitting close to the window

That no longer can stay open

Falling under its own weight

We sit and wait

With each other

Hearing the city whisper back

Not all will hear the city and think

Of the romantic dialogue it brings

Friends on the street sing

Bar doors open and clang

Buses whirl past

Breaks well past the point of repair

Alarming sound when stopped

Car horns ask each other question

Well into the night

Much rather being certain

Than polite

And we sit 

Arm in arm 

On our recycled sofa

From the neighbor 

We moved it for her as a favor

Now we relax

In the building with uneven floors

Why would we ask

For anything


August Blush

Damp stillness in the Hudson Valley
Rocks broken
The cold ground
Swirves so violent and gentle
The Tectonic is avoided
Longer paths are better enjoyed
20 minutes from civilization
But 2 hours from the city
In the studio
Committed and gritty
On a Friday
In the August blush

Arthur on the Coast

Arthur hits the North Carolina coast

Fourth of July dampened roast

Fireworks can not be on display

In a southern fog of rainy days

Rotations of clouds

Moving up the eastern seaboard

The sparks of July will be postponed

Call waiting

Sitting on hold

The 4th of 2014 will be celebrated

Later than it seemed

As Arthur makes its way up the coast

Keeping people inside

Instead of a celebratory toast

Wake Up




Swollen Skies

Growing up

Under swollen skies

Making changes

In our parents eyes

Commitments made

Growing mistakes

We just have to do

Whatever it takes

I watch you grow

You watch me

We help each other stay

From as low as life

Can be

We wake up together

To see another day

Whether its the sun

Or the rain

We grew up under swollen skies

When the rain fell

It pulled the tears out of our eyes

Yet we pushed through

I get to see a new face

Through the rain anew

I am honored and proud

To be your husband

Under these dark rain clouds

Apartment Door

Rain falls

Hard as I can ever remember

My hair drips wet

Water balling up

In tiny circles

Falling on cold hands

As I reach

The apartment door

Small winding rivers

Create islands and shores

Staying dry is today’s chore

Blustering wind

And rain a little more

But I made it dry

To that apartment door


Late Night

Late night conversation
Red wine and saltines
The faded evening scene
The sun has rested for hours
As the conversation chatters on
A good night with friends
Can not be mistaken
For words gone wasted
Legs cold from sitting
Sore throat
A nights weary rest
And mornings early note

Light Rain

Light rain on the wedding day
The flowers bloom even though the sun fades away
The church bells playing in proclamation
The day of the souls eternal declaration
To join another in this struggle of life
To be conjoined until they die
As one more drop falls from the summer sky
Today is the wedding day
And as grass polls the water underneath the soil
The white wedding dress and suits toil
On a summers day in June

Summer Rain

Summer rain falls mid day

filling the pavements

washing dead bugs and twigs away

cascading on grass so needy

pulling it beneath the earth

taking its fill and nothing greedy

grass blades bend soft with water pose

hoping that the sun will keep it live on loan

but the cloud has filled with pulled cotten clean

billowing the small stacks of steam

I sit and wander

how the world rejoices in summer thunder

for me under the roof i sit and watch

that water falls to the ground

filling the parched holes in the earth

with a simple pitter patter

the wonderful summer sound

Lighting the Sky

I have been back in the States for just a couple of days. I have many writings and poems from Europe that I will be sharing soon. Life has been busier than expected all throughout Europe and even upon my return. In which case I end up writing in my book and not posting. I will make sure to get these posts up soon. Tonight a wicked late spring storm rolled in and I found it to be the perfect time to saddle into my chair and get the blog rolling again. Nothing like a little summer storm for inspiration. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for stories from Europe. Cheers.

Evening wear and summer thin

Sit right here to watch the storm roll in

Spitting drops from up above

Somehow this feeling fills me with love

Winds blowing from the west

Moving trees



Step outside and let the rain wash you back in

Have not seen clouds gather in months

Feels nice to see the storm front

Moving through this little town

Sending people inside

Wind blowing around

The days work will be left undone

Unless you finished in the setting sun

Rain will come for a couple of days

Bringing new light from the suns rays

But tonight it is dark as an evening lake

With waters so black no light penetrates

The night pulls us in to watch as the storm strikes

Moving quick

Striking fast

Rain splashes on the cement street

Getting our feet wet

Sending us into a retreat

Under the roof for some simple cover

Wind blowing now

Storms pulling at the seams

Grappling to throw down

Thunder playing a marching song

While the lightning illuminates the sky

The flash camera snaps catching all in one place

The trees hold still as our corneas adjust

For a moment the world is a white washed gray

Held in place by the light

Then darkness resumes bending trees and leaves

Up down all around

Flashing white amidst deep black hues

All on a summers storm

The thunder plays

The lightning song