Thought Delayed

My brain in a bottle of kombucha on a ride through the rockies

Fermented and pressurized ready to explode

Some days my mind winds up so fast

With nowhere to go

Those days seem to be the most frustrating


Planning becomes insufficient

My minds moves quicker than a prayer to St. Vincent

Contingent on results

That can no be provided quick enough

To ease my worried thoughts

I wish I was more thought delayed

Taking my days with quite more ease

Rather than trying to just run away

The mind can be a mild pond or a ravenous sea

Somehow I am the one who decides

It’s ultimately up to me

Late Night

Late night conversation
Red wine and saltines
The faded evening scene
The sun has rested for hours
As the conversation chatters on
A good night with friends
Can not be mistaken
For words gone wasted
Legs cold from sitting
Sore throat
A nights weary rest
And mornings early note

The Young Working Class

A late evening in Chicago. Had a nice time enjoying some drinks and laughs with friends. Hope you enjoy. Cheers!

The young working class
Service industry of Chicago Illinois
Sparse light in a dim bar
Conversation flounder and puff
Into inaudible crackle
Faces gleaming orange and yellow
Filled with powder and fluff
Men reclining willfully to distant music
Irrelevant and monotonous
Pushing eardrums back and forth
Jaws pumping laughter heralding
Anger dispensing
Question asking
Bar tender looking for connecting eyes
Asking quickly for a drink
Tip jar sitting silent yet demanding
Women relax on sofas talking about dinner and evening plans
I am but a witness to these thing
On a late Friday night
In Chicago Illinois