City Veins

This was written late night on the Blue Line on our way to O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. It was written as an observational piece and I tried to keep it simple. I try to relate the veins to the heart in the final line. Enjoy!

The veins of the city

Run deep underground

Running people back


All around

A majestic lady reads

While a hearty man laughs

Yet another gentle man

Set with a deep stair

With a jolly women next

To him

That is just content

With her chair

Run me left

Run me right

With the dirt caked

On the trains side

The rattle


The air

Dense and course

For we are on our way to LA

And that is for certain

“We thank you

For riding

And please come again”

When the weather is better

“But please be on your way”

You jolly jet setter

Catch a flight at O’Hare

I must not be late

Everything is set in LA

We have set a nice date

Reflecting on the steel

With polished silver hue

From hands a many

At one moment it may be holding 20

Or 30

Or 40

I cannot really say

The polish runs clean

For it gets buffed everyday

The silences is now sweet

Yet I could have some chatter

Could use a conversation

On the economy and

What is the matter?

But for now I sit

Peacefully upon the worn out seat

I am just thankful to be

A part of the cities



I am no Poet

This was written right after watching the presidential inauguration. I really enjoyed the poet Richard Blanco and his poem “One Today”. I used it, and the rest of the ceremony, for inspiration. I thought that it would be important for me to really focusing on what it is that connect us together as Americans, and also can devise and separate us through erroneous use of our egos etc. I hope you enjoy it! Cheers!

For I am no poet

No writer, nor musician

No athlete or businessman

I am but nothing and will return

I must be stripped of all

Before I know what I am

What I am made of

What wiring makes my soul

All the confusion and static

The noise and the stammer

Of what others want

And I need

In the confusion I believe one

And forget another

Only to remember

To be reminded of yet another

So I challenge myself and you

To strip away what is

And to find what will be

What is it that you stand for

To look at these flesh and bones

And find what the meaning is

Beyond the labels and toys

Finding a simple meaning within

For we are all connected in a manner

An inner webbing that connects us

That unites us

And if we so choose tears us apart

Yet we strive for more

To seek meaning that is greater

Than the sum of our parts

And unifies us

This is our challenge

Our calling

Our honor

To be what we are

To forget the other meanings

And find our own

Not in our own minds

But from deep within

Net Worth

What is your net worth

Go you! Proclaim it throughout the earth

Ring it on high

Ring it on low

Bring a receipt

Wherever you go

Remind your friends with cash in hand

Even pay for them to see your favorite band

“I wonder how much they are worth”

Surely not as much as me

I am sure my banker would agree

Ring the registers from on high

It’s like pie falling from the sky

I will stand with my hands ready

To grab what is mine

Might just take one of yours

But hey who is keeping score

Now get my car and call me lady

You know this part of town can get quite shady

Maybe I should not be quite so loud

I mean I do not want to attract a crowd

Who knows what that will mean

It was my pie I found,

I thought I caught it

But please don’t bring those fellows

Who want to conduct the audit

If leverage is leverage

And bottom line true

The bell rings cold

When the receipt reads past due

Extend me some credit

Just a little more

I just want to settle the score

But the banker looked confused

This analogy he used

“The way I see it

To make this all easy for me and you

Upon every mans head it should be written

Two decades and a half after their birth

So he may proclaim it throughout the earth

But for now I must ask you again

What is your net worth?”

Over Rated

This is a new song that I have been working on very diligently in the past couple of

weeks. It is about the pressures of always looking for the next best thing and

looking to the future in life – when really all you have to care about is going on

right in front of your eyes. This song will be on our next album out in late 2013.


I’m feeling so over rated

My life is so complicated

Not the best but I face it

These feelings are fresh

But I am jaded

Oh and I feel like I am going


And I feel like I want to be


I don’t want to write this song

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

If you want to live today

Remember what I say

My thoughts can be so relentless

You ‘bout gave up when I said this

Now that I know that you’re faded

Well I had to go but I waited

For you

Oh and I feel like we are going


And I feel like we are missing


And I don’t want to write this song

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

Forget about tomorrow

If you want to live today

If you want to live today

Remember what I say


This was written late night. After a long day of marketing and social media-ing. Long day

and semi frustrated with it all and how it can take away from what you really want to

being doing. Enjoy!

All the time spent marketing

Now I know why it’s a full time thing

I have to spend some time on twitter

I watch it like a babysitter

With a cute emblem of a little critter

But it is so much more than that

A tweet is a tweet

For I am winning the race of the rats

But log on and get your computer

I get distracted by watching McGruber

Eh but why bother who cares

This white screen looks back, it stares

For me to embark on a journey, begin to

Climb the stairs

But for now I must rest and get some deep sleep

This computer keeps me away from slumber and rest

But now go check Facebook

And get that off your chest

A tweet is for twitter

Status the update

Facebook and Twitter

I can not begin to contemplate

And then there is sweet little Google

How many peoples eyes ogle over this Google

Search me this search me that

I need to know the top ten ways to burn fat

The questions run on for days even years

But with no response ever to the ears

Unless with Siri she’s the one

She brings it all together

The holy one

She even knows a joke

That’s a lie

But asking her is still fun

But ode to distraction

I must return to my path

This I must proclaim

I must say

For now I will sneak away

From bots and other things

To rest, rest calm and peaceful

And restore my faith in worldly beings