The Dollar Man

There he is

Green eyes lit up

Hovering in my studio 

Watching my every move




With no answers

A wry smile

Because he knows

What he costs me

Sleepless nights

Staying up late

Baggy eyes

While his eyes fixed


By reality

Or importance

The dollar man tears me apart

With his weight and indifference

How can it be

The shade of green so pale

That he controls so much

The dollar man


The great neon money dispenser
The thick plastic and neon green
With standard equipped touch screen sensor
Blue LED asking to insert here
Holding wealth within its bosoms
Chipped sides from rolling luggage
Went awry
Incandescent lighting up the night
Place firmly on brick slabs
So I know what this machine is withholding
In its tight held stash
Please Mr. ATM
Give me some cash

Unfettered Risk

The risk of the situation

At hand

Money, life, time, love

Put on the line

Inhibitions to the wind

But sometimes I way awake

In the early hours of the morning




As the light turn out to on

From black to the palest of blues

Have I done the right thing

For me

For you

One can only hold their breathe so long

Before the body reacts

I have to get some sleep

Find a way to relax

But somehow I have grown to love this life

Uncertainty abounding

There is something romantic

Not knowing where the next paycheck is found

So I close my eyes and count to 10

And I slowly fall asleep again

Here in Front of Me

Everything I need is right here in front of me

My hands, eyes, hope, desire

Everything I can use to bring myself higher

Hard work is the barrier

Constraining my own ethic

I feel that I have now realized this simple truth

What you focus on grows

What you forget about goes away with old

So I must refocus on what is in front of me

All the tools I need

Are surrounding me

Asking me

I will answer

Life of Stone

There is light at the end of the tunnel

A reason to push through

There is hope you can make out

When you given it your all

Ready to fall down

Whether it is the truth

Or fiction

Belief in this

Is a religion

What you manifest

Comes true

To give up

Or to follow through

When the darkest hour is upon you

Close your eyes and imagine

There are millions of grains of sand

Laying on beaches throughout the land

Who have been broken


Yet live on

The life of the stone

From a huge boulder

To the smallest pebble on the beach

The lesson these stones teach

To carry on

Live on

Believe there is something better

You will find your beach

Your place in life

Stay true

Be you

Vapid Words

A big part of life

An even great degree

Than anything in business


Or technology

Is just showing up on time

Simple and fine

But not quite so

When I was young

I was told over a thousand times


I ignored so many words

Dismissing them as vapid

But now I have come to realize

They were really quite right

These words mean more than any

Degree, account,

Or any other quality

Punctuality pays

More than other details

These days



To climb

The world ladder

Just arrive

On time

Big Mouth and Deep Pocket

Look at him 

His big mouth and deep pockets

Cold careless eye sockets

Pressed pant and silk tie

There is something painfully familiar

Nothing quite particular

But with casual reference

Not in the past 

But in the present tense

This man balks of profits and GMO’s 

I tell you he would slide every dollar out

From right under my nose

No moral compass or care for young hearts

Keep the suit coat pressed and tear us apart

I cringe to think that we honor this man

Billions of dollars 

An analgesic superman 

Curing the downfalls with simple remedy

While other companies fill his pockets


To do their dirty work on TV 

Show that GMO’s are a true development in technology

Take your smart phone an google GMO

Ignorance is no longer an option

That went away with the internet adoption

But this man prides himself on secrets

Kept from you and me 

So that he can turn dollars into billions

With every mouth so willing

He will not show his cards 

Who he is in bed with at night

Keeping his golden cane upright

But in each of us is this man 

I can not disagree 

Capitalism has made a fool out of you and me

I just strive for honesty 


And honorably 

Money pays the bills 

And bills here free my mind

So I just have to work hard and save my dimes

I am not sickened by his riches 

It is what the riches make of men 

That is the real travesty

So easy to see 

On this talk show 

Late night TV


The Daily Routine

Ah the challenge of keeping creativity alive in my life. As I am pulled to try and sell the art and the creations that have already occurred. It is hard sometimes to step back and try and let the creative juices be heard. So I sat down to try and document my daily routine of keeping creativity alive in my life. So here it is – enjoy!

The daily routine

Wake up in the morning

Make sure to exercise

Work out the arms and the thighs

Get back and get cleaned up

Got to write and practice

Keep the routine up

3 or four hours later

I now sit at the compu-tater

Life’s lines complex yet defined

I make this no place to wine

Letting go on paper what must be done

Seemed like a good idea

Challenging and fun

Poems must be constructed daily

This challenges what I have to say

About beauty, art, and the progress of today

The challenge is not to conform

But to set a new aggressive norm

Creativity must be engaged often

Or else the course muscles will soften

Decay and leave your soul

Looking for someone else to enroll

The creative spirit can be fleeting and gone

So I must capture these spirits in songs

Poems, writings, and other means

Or else I will be left with nothing

Creativity gone and no job to boot

I look pretty bad now in a business suit

Full of aspirations are these writings

Even though my mind is rattled with distractions

I must be real and stay ahead

Better off here trying

Than creativity dead

Long Days and Unpaid Bills

Long days and unpaid bills
Winters long and summer thrills
Get laid off find a new job
Find the hustle to make ends meet
I will never sit in the CEO seat
But this hustle has a beat
A beat that keeps my feet moving
Put some food on the table
Waiting for news
Information I could really use
The days slip through my fingers
All everyone sits around and debates
Whether the songs written
Have what it takes
To pay the health insurance
To give my life a little assurance
Is that all I sought?
a fish swimming through life
In the net of capitalism caught

Corporate Giants

Oh no it looks like the corporate giants are at it again
Taking money from the thick and thin
They don’t believe in things like sins
If it’s one more dollar in their pocket they win
Deceit and betrayal are their corporate focus
Taking every little dollar from every little person with a little hocus-pocus
Don’t worry about calling them they already know what’s going on
They don’t much care that what they do is wrong
There is a little hope and redemption from a small voice like mine
I guess it just must be at sign of the time
Before too long I’ll be back at it again
Because corporate profits are the same now
As they were back then
A dollar earned is a dollar saved but a dollar stolen is a dollar played
Corporations love their games and love their dollars
The best I can hope to do is just scream and holler
Greed will continue on regardless of its ambition
It will write a new book the third edition
So don’t forget when somebody takes your money one day
It’s the one and only
Corporate way