Santa Monica Sun

Along a winding path

Paved sun-glazed cement

Baked with a hazy grey sealant

With summer shoes

Raking the rocks

Along the freckled


Sunscreen scented fragrances

Illuminating hiatus

Under the strung out

Santa Monica Sun

Pay Up

Vulnerable dues

Unlikely news

Pay it to the man in the coat

In the long black trenchcoat

The snake oils salesman

The PhD pay him your money

Let go freely

Trying to get caught up

Is just digging further in the rut

While your at it

Take 2 punches to the gut

Guttural reactions to prescription drug contango

Have to keep the doctors fat and happy

So just hand over the checkbook

And don’t get sick



Planet B

How could this be

The truth and I agree

There is no planet B

No do over

Mulligan or retry

We have to make what we have


Agree to disagree

But mother nature will always be

And should be

Our top priority

Current sacrifice

Rather than living from a vice

Over consumption

Is our most destructive


That is not alright and good

We must live the way we should

Treat this world with respect


That is truly

The way it should be

I Respect

What is freedom of speech

When it is used as a means

To insult the strong or weak

Has an inherent conflict

With the word’s we speak

I respect

But respectfully disagree

How do we discover a line

A purpose

When the lines are so blurry now

We all have a right to our own views

At what point does it infringe on the rights

Of others

If abused in this sense

Seems morally distressed

I respect the freedom of speech

But I also must respect you


A War on Green

Tie up the oil

Tie up the gas

In the great denial

Begin the legal battle

Over the fossils

Destiny and preserved

Hire the best and fire the worst

Our climate denial is coming

The ultimate relinquish

Of control and influence

For a cheap king

The policies will change

The great hoax

Others will refer to

The war on green

Has begun

Disconnect; We are Not There Yet

Lead the leaders

All I can hear is a president

Who is not presently

Our president

So much proclamations

But he has yet to take the helm

Of our great nation

I am not discouraged

For my love of country can stay strong

It is greater than one man’s toy



But enough of the bombast already

We still have a month

Of normal life before we have to deal with

Public displays of hatred and deceit

Come on

Turn off the TV

Disconnect the phone

Lies and misogyny roam

So I will do my part to just disconnect


And focus on something new



Coeur D’ Alene 

Upon the shores of the Idaho banks

Lies a city of French coronation

Beauty bounding straight from the mountains

Fountains of fresh water springs

Water clashed out and sings

Pine trees weathered the western sun

Green coffee beans roasting 

Swooning from the delicate flow of life

Tucked on the western sea side

Fresh air crisp in inhalation

Resounding in echoes smoothed out of the corridors

As my eyes rest easy

On this place just west of the planes

In a small town called Coeur d’Alene 

Satisfaction Distraction

The simplicity

Of a satisfaction distraction

On path

For an encore at the end 

Of the work

Keep our hands covered

Like the county clerk

Jobs over perspective

It will be a shame in the great


For now we entertain our minds

With a immediate need

Rather than the sign of the times

Our in action becomes a soothing


I hold hope that we can realize

That the ice caps melt

Our simple wants

Are going to be answered

While our deafening blow is dealt

Rise hope for future generations

Mine is caught in stagnation

Throughout thr nation

We watch

We hope 

We think

Yet our delayed reaction 

To a satisfaction distraction