How Friendships Change

Friend and moments

Time and history

What changes ahead and lies behind

Can be one great mystery

From meeting to realizing

From analyzing to growing

Friendships have a way of outlasting

While the mind keeps going

But at some point distance can be too great

Challenges and differences to obtuse

That is when some friends just have

To cut loose

But friendships change as do all living creatures

If history be true

This surely it will teach us


Fast Impact

Fast impact

With little for sustain

Sustenance or compounded frame

How can we be so quick

To change

Change judgement


Rearrange meanings and then

Come back to the same

What is it that can revolve

A door then disappear in moments

How can this happen overnight

Into the bright light

No one has it right

No one has it right


Waning Moments of the Night

In the waning moments of the night

As the eve relinquishes to a morning call

That is when we must give our all

Not when the path is clear and certain

Certainly when it is most uncertain

When the stage is not yet set

Sleeping behind a pulled curtain

My hope is to rise in those moments

Tested and true

Both of us together

Me and You


I cry cowardly over my leather shoes

The moan of hateful speech

Beacons a new wrath

The exotic clover has grown

Dried up and shriveled


For the next generation

A sensational generation

My hope and dream

So I do my part in planting hope and optimism

Even in this world of ever deep division

Our hopes and dreams

Bequeathed from our fathers and mothers

Have been squandered away

On cheap things





I Respect

What is freedom of speech

When it is used as a means

To insult the strong or weak

Has an inherent conflict

With the word’s we speak

I respect

But respectfully disagree

How do we discover a line

A purpose

When the lines are so blurry now

We all have a right to our own views

At what point does it infringe on the rights

Of others

If abused in this sense

Seems morally distressed

I respect the freedom of speech

But I also must respect you


The Rally Cry of the Tired

The rally cry of the tired

A worthy cause flamed out with vigor

Passing floating rolling

I have tried

To do good

Good to be undone

So much has to rely on a rally cry

When your tired

And lonely

Not alone

You feel sad

Disconnected from the world

How did it work out not the way it was

All planned

A plane in flight unmanned

The plane now is in the final descent

It will land



But through all of this



Have grown

Grown up

So here we come

A Kiss of Rushing Waves

The webs we weave

The dreams we chase

Unchaste and yet true

At first we were revered as outcasts

Not sure of the way

Decisions would see us through

We made a life in the city

Tried to keep our heads

Above the rushing waves

Staved off by a blissful kiss

Sea myst

Over our eyes

We saw the world

Around which we realized

That staying put

Was no option

No higher calling

Even when the walls

The dream itself

Was falling

We see it through

Another night spent

Late night chatter

Even thought nothing was really

The matter

We see it through

Me and you

We: Make the World

Love is easy to give

Yet can be hard to find

Build it strong

In due time

Love will find a way

To make life better

In a simple way

Calling out to change

Forgiving and forgetting

Love can be the remedy

For anything upsetting

I search for love

Love to give

Love to keep

Love upon a deep mid winter sleep

The gift I give

Is not expensive

To be found almost anywhere

I give love

Without a care

I hope you do to

Do your part to make it

Not so hard to find

For when love is given

The world is a much better place

To live in

Pawn Shop Wedding

We made our way out to the west side. Rough part of town, but we were on a mission. To find Ozark’s Pawn. Heard about a Gibson they had. Wanted to see it for myself. Wanted to see if it was real or fake. Finally found the joint – couple people hanging outside – started to feel like this just might not be right. But it was the joint we were looking for, just walked in right through the door. The Gibson was a fake, plane to see, it was in broad daylight, didn’t take much from me. But my love found a ring so shiny and loved. She knew we were sent here from above. So she snatched it up in a hurry and we left in a scurry. This is a poem about that afternoon at Ozark’s Pawn Shop. Enjoy.

This goes out to the thrifters

The seekers of deals and goods

My love and I embrace tenderly

The idea of gathering what you can

In ginger subtlety

Creaking doors

Bar lined windows

Smell of second hand soap

On your pillow

Dirty carpets with retro splash

Red in the corners

In the straight it’s black

Finger prints upon cases

Guns, knifes, rings, and guitars

We are going to pay for this wedding

No matter the scars

Bout doing whatever we can

We will go that far

Asking questions

Tapping wood

Making eye contact to make sure

The seller understood

What questions we asked to better know

The things he sells

New and old

We bought a wedding band

Not too bashful to say

The man straight up made us a deal

We could not walk away

Collected our things and got out of his space

Passerby’s can get weary

You have no real time to waste

I was unsettled

“We have to get where we are going”

So we took the ring to the jeweler

She was oh

Quite delighted

“You must have spent a pretty penny”

Truth be told

We did not spend that many

She pulled out a monocle and held it high

Then snatched it back to her eye

Took a good look and said in reply

Its well worth ten times what you paid

No way did you pay what you say

But the truth be told we found it in a place

Way out on the west end

We had not a plan

The man just made us a deal

That’s how our wedding plans began