Time on the Run






So long gone

So many more to come

Hours pass like minutes

Days pass like hours

Weeks pass like days

Months pass like weeks

Years pass like months

Growing up

Time on the run

I must settle myself

Settle these days down

To take in the beauty all around

Keep looking up

Only check once to look down



Hold Them Dear

We build houses

Trees with farms

We hold them dear

We create our own opportunity

From the sparse earth

We pull new life

Our own life and growth

We give back

In this line of work

Make discoveries

On weathered farms

Swollen Skies

Growing up

Under swollen skies

Making changes

In our parents eyes

Commitments made

Growing mistakes

We just have to do

Whatever it takes

I watch you grow

You watch me

We help each other stay

From as low as life

Can be

We wake up together

To see another day

Whether its the sun

Or the rain

We grew up under swollen skies

When the rain fell

It pulled the tears out of our eyes

Yet we pushed through

I get to see a new face

Through the rain anew

I am honored and proud

To be your husband

Under these dark rain clouds

Rapid Scores

The leather cold from a chilly morning
Sand from clothes the night before
One grain less
One grain more
The birds chirp rapid scores
Pushing me out the door
The radio belts out last nights memories
Sent me off for the night
Making the ways
For new
Broken in

Hard to Imagine

Its hard to imagine

Yet easy to see

Life grown

From sea to sea

City coast on eastern suns

To the simple life

Of farm living

What we see

Is what we are giving

The floors kept with field extras

Bugs, birds, dirt and all

We are held up

While the road calls

Be on your way

Where it takes us

Not for us to say


Discount Advice

Discount advice

Should not weight more than

A grain of rice

Be thought over

More than

The passing thoughts in flight

We do not subscribe

To your tele-vibe

Confide in your free laced advice

We create our own paths

From present to past

And we

Will live on

Fatal Direction

Enter fear and dismay

Enter the feelings of dissarray

Collapsing feeling of connection

Pushing me back in my fatal direction

I ask questions for circumstance

Happenstance of my direction

I fall on flat notes of musical indecision

Lacking a true rhythm section

We select naturally

What happens supernaturally

And exit stronger men