Time on the Run






So long gone

So many more to come

Hours pass like minutes

Days pass like hours

Weeks pass like days

Months pass like weeks

Years pass like months

Growing up

Time on the run

I must settle myself

Settle these days down

To take in the beauty all around

Keep looking up

Only check once to look down


Vapid Words

A big part of life

An even great degree

Than anything in business


Or technology

Is just showing up on time

Simple and fine

But not quite so

When I was young

I was told over a thousand times


I ignored so many words

Dismissing them as vapid

But now I have come to realize

They were really quite right

These words mean more than any

Degree, account,

Or any other quality

Punctuality pays

More than other details

These days



To climb

The world ladder

Just arrive

On time

Time to Reflect

Time to reflect

On decisions

That have been made

Others postponed

And delayed

Where I stand today

May not affect tomorrow

So how do I quite know

If this is where I should


So many questions

Yielding very few answers

The scenery does not change

If I just choose to

Stand here

The past 3 years

Decisions were not bad

But if I could go back

What would I instruct

That poor young lad

I might say

Act with confidence

And cause

What you do not gain

Is not quite a loss

Move quick

And stay nimble

The world will not wait

for your heart delayed

its that simple

Fear holds you

Hostage at blank point

But behind the gun

Is no ammo

It holds you

Until you let go

Youth is fleeting

Do not become to attached

From your young wirey hands

This gift will be quickly snatched

But do not lose hope

There is no reason

What you lose one year

You will find stronger

In another season

Patience is key

But do not get complacent

Words striking and true

But you truly have to face them

In the end

Know your goal

Or destination

There is no minute hand

When the clock is wasting

Finally push back

Word hard

And stay committed

When it is all over

You will be glad you did it

I hope that in another few years

I can read this back

And have new wisdom

To share

But for now

I hope to own these truths

So that I may push on

A time to reflect

Is a time for my heart

To be reset



This is a song about how my mind seems to wonder at all times. I have a very curious personality – and I feel this song really captures the way I feel sometimes. Enjoy!