Brooklyn Trees

In Brooklyn where the young souls breathe
Stiff leather shoes polished under their feet
Hair stiff and trimmed
High heels polished and thin
Put holes in Brooklyn sidewalks
Guitars clasp loosely to curved shoulders
Meetings brief interactions pass
Conversations weave from music to politic
The hectic city life traded for slower passings
A salty falls breeze slowly rustles through the tinder Brooklyn trees
The taco stand sends an SOS of smoke
Billowing into the faces of potential patrons
Becoming them to get in line and do the same
The skyline fades as the sun resets the evening skyline
Saving my way through Brooklyn
Pinching dimes
Never a moment will there be still
As the Brooklyn trees shake
Leaves on the streets
The feet break these leaves
With every stride taken
Looking to the skies filled with a grey heather satin
On the streets just east of Manhattan


I am Me

I am Me

No overachieving

No letting down

It’s as simple

To just be

I must be honest

Let go

Pick up

In the end

It is me I must answer to

Days when I am up

Days when I am down

There is no one else

Who can see

No one else around

As I must answer to myself

So must you

You are you

And that is enough

To get you through

The tough times


The good

Makes you smile

Makes life

The way it should

But I remember this saying

When I am tired and worn

Because it is me pushing on

Pen to paper

A new song

The higher power always calls

To become what we are

This equation has no

Beginning no end

I am Me

And I am content

A Mouth Full of Iron

Just because I am broke

Does not mean that I am broken

The heart broken

Knows the languish for success

This languish can only be known

Through heartbreak and distress

The world around me spins

Yet I have to catch my druthers

In a life that is given

One must learn to rely on others

But that bitter irony

Creates a burn in ones mouth

Leaning on hopes of easier roads

Leaves the heart less than whole

Rust collects on the resting

One must move so no dust can begin collecting

Subdued Indiana terrain

Toughened the skin with winter pain

A mouth full of iron

Cracked on all sides

Makes me wonder

Whats is the next curve in life

What awaits

What gives what takes


Just Just because I am broke

Does not mean that I am broken

Calculated Risk

Calculated risk
At the flick of a wrist
How much do you
Upon wondering eyes
Under luminous skies
Day in day out
Struggling yet devout
We rise to new challenges
To see new mountains beyond
Time passes under the eyes of
A new dawn
We wait for no person
Place or thing
To strike the first note
And sung we call out
In the evening
And look for new opportunities
We will arise
We will arise

Don’t Be Shy

Don’t be shy

When I come around

You know that

I’m your guy

And you’re my girl

There’s no time

To talk it out

We’ll spend sum more

Money on

The simple soul


When we dance

We spend our time

So quietly

I don’t know

Where it goes



But oh

Where is

The burning in

My brittle soul

For you now

But I know that well make it out

We will make it out


We’ll make it out

For my crown

For you


There’s no time

To wait out the storm

It’ll be just fine

Lets go now

It’s letting up


Let me go

Stories you

Told burn my soul

Uh oh oh

Who oh oh


Hey sister there

The one with the bitter soul

I swear

We make it alright

We make it ok



There is no time for us

The way to make the best of us

We make our way

As we go down there

As we go down the other way

Whoa uh oh

As we make it home


We make it out

On a Tuesday night

We play each other

fine and solos

Gave up the Bible for Cable TV

Gave up the bible for cable TV

This is the new frontier

The world of technology

Left the bookmarks

Of Plato to watch

Human tornadoes

Control the airwaves

Contradict reason

I sit wishin’

It did not have to be this way

Yet it is

I found solice in long days

Filling up my hours

So many different ways

Taking time off to play golf

Spending hours on long walks

There is static in the channel

Its plain as day

Misty white and foggy gray

I walk wishin’

It did not have to be this way

Yet it is

The disconnect began

And years rolled by

With the TV on loud

No one ever heard the cry

Or laughter of babies born

Rather left motherless

Just a thought thereafter

This is technology

Sophistication for you and me

I sit wishin’

It did not have to be this way

Yet it is

My Soul is Erect

The life of disconnect

Has my soul erect

Looking for reasons

To get away

To find different ways

To say the same story

No glory to be found

Disconnected from connection

No collection of pictures

Framed on painted walls

Full of feelings and emotions

Understanding is key

As to why it lingers on

Linger gently yet bold

Continuing with a life on hold

This soul demands more

More of me

More time more frustrations

More rhymes

I give every last sentence

A finishing touch

To hope that the connection

Begins and ends

With one word

One thought one phrase

This is the space

Upon which my soul lays

Vomit your Ignorance

Everything has changed around us

Except the people that surround us

Sounding off their discontent alarms

While holding out a cold arm

To wish us well

So they can go behind and tell

That they silently disapprove

Of every single move

And create a story they can sell

To any poor ear they can tell

This ignorance is vomited

From every last drip they spew

To them I say

Farewell “Good Friends”

I must bid you adieu

Look Mom – I am in Last Place!

Well I got started a little late. But I know that if I put my followers of my blog on it… We will take this thing by storm!! Well… I think… haha 😉 I just put this together for fun as a way to document some of my work over the past couple of months. Needless to say – I am proud of it. Thanks for being there with me – and here is to many more poems songs and moments! Cheers!

Look Mom! I am in last place!