Don’t Be Shy

Don’t be shy

When I come around

You know that

I’m your guy

And you’re my girl

There’s no time

To talk it out

We’ll spend sum more

Money on

The simple soul


When we dance

We spend our time

So quietly

I don’t know

Where it goes



But oh

Where is

The burning in

My brittle soul

For you now

But I know that well make it out

We will make it out


We’ll make it out

For my crown

For you


There’s no time

To wait out the storm

It’ll be just fine

Lets go now

It’s letting up


Let me go

Stories you

Told burn my soul

Uh oh oh

Who oh oh


Hey sister there

The one with the bitter soul

I swear

We make it alright

We make it ok



There is no time for us

The way to make the best of us

We make our way

As we go down there

As we go down the other way

Whoa uh oh

As we make it home


We make it out

On a Tuesday night

We play each other

fine and solos

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