Round the Corner

The simple smell

Can trigger so many memories

Roasting coffee

In Williamsburg

Takes me to years

On the road

So fresh and clean

Yet Smokey and full

The roast roars our into the air


And bringing back

Memories of good times


Day to Be

The coming days to be

Letting go of what was familiar to

You and me

A city

A life

For bigger and better

Discoveries and journeys

Letting go

While others hold so tight

That they squeeze the life

Out of the joy

Thy love

And love left

It will be

Back and Forth

Leaving the city

Back and forth

Working for our dream

Letting go of what is in between

The city grew us up

In much-needed ways

Now we feel that

We must get away

Steep rent and subtle

Increase in food

All that is need for it

To come undone

What if we held on

But held back

From our dreams

Giving up for the city things

Goodnight City

Fears and hope

All mixed together

In on moment

Of letting go

Growing Up

Not growing old

Ride the train home

When the timing is just right

So the doors will open and

Step into the night

A Good Day

Do you think it will be a good one

The man leans in

To his friend

Hoping for a positive message back

That will be sent

On a cold day in New York City

What makes a good day

What makes a bad day

On the streets of Manhattan

Looking up at the tall buildings

While the people keep passing

I think it will be a good one

With sunshine and charity

Let’s hope for a good one


The Manhattan Strut

Water collections


That can potentially by cars

Keep clear of inch deep waters

Splashing from others

Falling items





The tight rope

Walk on thin ice

Manhattan Strut

In the reins of winter

Staying clear

Of the hazards

How I have learned from others

My own follies

Tried and true

Walking in the rain

I’ve learned to get through

Head Down

Hopes and dreams

Pretty distant things

As in one moment

Creeps away

With speedy wings

How should I proceed

When the headlines


All is headed down

Across the world

A giant frown

I guess I will just

Keep a brisk pace

And keep my own head down

Don’t Become It

Don’t become tired and angry

Don’t let the easy part

Get you

In our own reverb room

We are trapped

If we only look for what we want

We look

Please look


Continue to be human

And understand

That is the only path

In these times

Stated in The Times

Humanity required

For future generations

We inspire

An Old Friend

An old friend

Was always familiar

So much so

That I could swear

That we had met before

In some other life

But in a similarĀ realm

How quickly

Life can change

From sustained to lost


To holding on

I love my old friend

As he transitions

Making his way from one life to


And we will me again

My friend and I