65th Anniversay

It was a conspicuous Sunday

Evident by the uneasy morning

I could tell this was not a resting day

A day of farewell was on the way

My Grandfather who earlier had lost

His only lover

Only 12 days away

From the 65th anniversary

He was on a mission

To hold his heart into submission

So on the 28th

He could launch from this land

To be with his lover on the anniversay

Hold her hand

True his love had lost the love of life

For the one true love of his life

His wife

He was ever determined

One thing for certain

He would not show up late

Wave to the gate holding dignitary

As he must be with his wife

On their 65th anniversay


The Little

Easy street walking
A dogs life lived
Without even talking
Fur wrapped
Full out ball gown
This was once a wild puppy
Found wondering the town
Now he sits on chairs perched high
Upon may fathers lap he found a home
My mother went along
Because her feelings had grown
For this little puppy
We found on the street
Now a new family member
A part of our family to keep

A Cascading Wind

A cascading wind 

Falls hard on our shoulders

Unknown to me

While the years make me older

Outlived truths

Falsities of our youth

Holding the ropes between

Me and you

The flip side of this situation

Is to tell you with little procrastination

That I hold you dear

My dear

We hold strong together

Under uncertain weather

Under skies grey or blue

I hold on to you


Back at it again

It’s the name of the game

Fears and road blocks

Float away like melodies

Melodies in the easy wind

I come back to the writing

Uneasy and writhing

But the words fall from my mind

To my hand

Drift from a lovers hope

All the way back up the rope

I start back up

Like a stiff old startup

Rise up

And write again

Short Lines

How many words can fit in this line

So many life experiences

In so little time

Underlined by growth


In the whole world

As a congregation

To sum up the last weeks adventures

I would have to surrender some details

Only focus on what come initially

Practically rather than brilliantly

I have flown over the ocean

Swam in the French Rivera

Been pummeled by rain

Been in a plane scared

Taken a train

Halfway across Europe

Eaten dinner out of small tin cups

Watch sunsets over the Mediterranean Sea

Seen things

I probably shouldn’t have seen

Watch a double rainbow extend over the mountains

While lovers kissed

Made friends

In true simpleness

Had conversations well past the finish line

Share a romance well past my time

All of these images

Are hard to fit in the lines

But I try

As the world changes my eyes

All things constant under the wool sky