Unwarranted Threats

Unwarranted threats

How does this feel justified

Changing stories

Not clarified 

The word pushers 

Try to pale my face 

With willful words


I keep a cool head

As I am not afraid of hot headed fears

Orchesrated golden needs

We share a meal 

Table side 

While others plan lies

The last chance money dive

This is the face of reality

Looking at me

Straight in the eye

The light inside of me will not go out

I won’t get down

I know what it means to move on

Let go of everything

And hold hope

In the songs I sing


Deliberate Plastic Culture

How much plastic must be shoved in my face

Through my eyes and in my brain

From the plastics on the television

To the faces injected and filled

After incision

Are we a deliberate plastic culture

Seizing every opportunity 

And financial gains like vultures

How is it that this is the specimen

Of us

We cultured

From the blabbing heads with fake lips

The reality shows full of fake tits

One morning it just hit

We are a culture of pure plastic

The Great Pressure

How is the brain

Wired in such a way

That even simple tasks

Under great pressure

Can seem so unachievable

So distant

Out of control

How is it that ideas

Thoughts and motions

Can move my head

In evening rest

To stay awake all night

To turn left and right

So irritable the mind can be

When the pressure is turned high

On me

Unequivocally Cliche

I don’t believe the cliches

Until one day

I stop right in my tracks

Others unable to help

When I truly ask

How is it so unequivocally true

That one senses success

They become less understanding

Of what they can help and do

I never believed the silly cliches

Until this happened to me one day

Lost Light

When a light goes off

In a cold and distant sky

I look up

With wipe dried eyes

The world needs good people

Full of life and vibrancy

Courteous and full of decency

Does the world become darker

Or does it balance with new light

Finding new ones

The giving kind

For all of mankind

I hope that the lives of new souls

Bless the world

Wherever we go

For when we loose light

We now are the light

We must aspire to be bright

In a world that goes a little dimmer

When we loose a beautiful light

A Song to See Me Through

There is a song that can be played

Over a thousand times and

Never ring old or untrue

A song that is played at wedding times

A song that is by your side in difficult times

To help see you through

To jump on in pure celebrations

To lean on in times of sadness and frustration

There is a couple of chords

A melody so light and easy

That it is played for someone in a wedding gown

Or when you have to lay a loved one down

It can draw tears in the morning

As the sun becomes anew

Falling tears touching cheeks

As water trickles on grass

In the morning dew

There is a song

Played in these time of jubilation

But also in times of desperation

It is a song that celebrates life

But also reflects on what is right

What is right is that there is a song

A song that exists in all of us

That we must sing to each other

From my soul to you

So we can see each other through

The Infinite Race

There are days

When the end lays ahead

A clear finish

Instead of a benchmark

Days when my soul can rest easy

My mind I can appease

Yet on other days

There is this

Infinite tease being played on me

This mind wander

Aways second guessed

Slowing thoughts helps to

Slow emotions

That if I can just reach one goal

At a time

I don’t have to set every single one

In motion

So on these days I try to slow down

Realize even walking is an even pace

On this Infinite Race

The Tolling Bells in Brooklyn

The bells gently toll along Brooklyn Streets

Reminding us

That this city celebrates and grieves

Lives and breathes

From my studio

You hear the city life come to light

Lighting the sky

Filling the rooms

Walking down Manhattan Avenue

The fog wears heavy on the Manhattan Skyline

Tucked away from view

A sleepy afternoon

The memories of my life

Will be created here

Not in Paris or Tokyo

Rather just east of the Hudson

Learning to go from walking to runnin’

All under the ringing bells

of Brooklyn