Calculation Mishandled


Mere asthmatics

Done on fingers




One off

Two down

Now the implied

Does not have solid ground

How could I have mistaken

Forgotten or impatient

I must re-add

Multiply then subtract

Look for signs of hope

Continue to go forward

Rather than look back



State or Unstable

Let the day slip
Let it slide
Why not just give in
Pay for one more
Taxi ride
Fall short
Give in
No matter
State your in
You have to keep up with the city
Or it will flatten you
Leaving you thin
And brittle
And dwindle
I’ll hang on
Give it all
For my bones will hold thick
Not allowing me to fall

Soul Pride

I took my friend from Sweden to the JFK
As we stood looking out the window of the train
I heard her say
That the Manhattan skyline made her remember the city
Trains passing by
Yet oh so pretty
NYC set on the evening sky
I will miss this place said with a sigh
Upon which it dawned on me
How lucky we are
To be
Citizens of this beautiful
What others would do to be come one
Get married, fall in love, sneak in, to get it done
But me I am set on this land
Born 20 steps from Lake Michigan
I found my pride
My soul
My heart owned
This seductive city
To call my own
But with pride comes
From sea to shining sea
We make this land great
Or terrible
It’s as easy as our demeanor
Can make it wondrous
Or meaner
We represent this city to travelers
Make it proud from skyscraper
To gravel
Take a moment to recall
What it means to be American
What all it is
What pride and joy
That we live in a great land
Our hearts deploy

Express Success

The teetering success 

Hinges upon the ability 

To express

The words communicated

From mind to hand 

Delivered neatly 

Thought out 

Without distress

These words exceed

Or fall short

That is no fault of my own

Just a lack of understanding

New territory unknown

The Eager Morning Awaits

Some days I count

Other days are spelled out

Each letter taken

With care and attention


Thunderous and thoughtful

Thinking it through


Offering wonderful oblique

Opaque moments


Dazzling distractions

Distant drunken cousins


Ample amounts of inertia

Aching in mornings


Youth charged nights

Young and yearning for life


Returning to metrics and numeric

Counting days

Passing like reflector strips

On the vacant highway




Passing by the seats of you and me

Today we take each moment


We try to own it

What we say

What we do

The eager morning awaits

Me and you

Cost Driver

What drives cost
The cost maker
Takes us passenger
Recklessly driving
No idea what where we are
Or were we are headed
Corporate HQ wants to know
How it can keep
Every penny free
Food becomes commodity
Consumed by you and me
The cheaper it is
The less I recognize
What it is I consume
They will be selling air
At higher margins
Very soon
I’m just trying to make rent and stay alive
While the money type
Keep costs low
On this reckless drive

Mere Mortals

Making paths out of town
Stairs up
Stairs down
Padded feet touching the blackened ground
Boston to Brooklyn
Now Minnesota bound
Skyscrapers fill eyes wide looking all around
Flights to catch
Caught above ground
Subways clock click and pass
Under bridges and street
Towering overpass
The city passes us along to world portals
Making life bigger than what the mind
Is capable of
We are just mere mortals