A Floral Confit or Rose Scented Turpentine

Pink and green

Seaweed green

Sunset pink

With a cup of water to drink

Bent glass in subtle ways

The beauty lasts for only days

Velvet touch

Burnt under glow

Pedal gentle

Summer tone

Resting peacefully

Under gravity’s pull

Drink the water

Until the stem is full

Grasping life

With both hands

Passing time

With falling sand

The clock calls out

With subtle hues

But brings great joy

Until it’s time is due

But with beauty laughter

And laughter joy

Summers gift

Nature’s toy

Time is not infinite

Space not confined

Rose scented turpentine

Joy and fresh

These are the treats

From the flower blooms

Upon eyes a floral confit


A Poem on a Poem

This was some late night scribbles. I am not quite sure if I translated some of the scribbles correctly – had they been different maybe this would be more clear and concise, hard to say. Interesting none the less.

A Poem on a Poem

If you heard a poem

Would you know them

If grass was green

Could the jester be seen

Where the bird flies

The bee dies

And thinks to tie

The world anew

For you and for me

This is the where

The world will be

Between thoughts

And dreams

And with the living things

Of all

Seen and unseen

Sitting right here

For you and me

But why today if tomorrow is

Warranted for the future

Beginning and ending

The world is different now

Hat is was yesterday

And will not know itself


Fervent Thrust

Imagine being in a bar, not during the high time, but at low times. We have spent countless hours in the bars setting up, sound checking, talking, and networking. I was really inspired by the floor of these places as they all seem to look exactly the same. In addition to that it has a very similar scent. To me it is a very bittersweet feeling but it always reminds me of a show that is about to start as it is the first thing we are greeted  with when we walk through the doors for the night. I try to give you a sense of this feeling in the poem here called “Fervent Thrust”.


Bar floors tell much more

That what I could ask for

In the corners where the light shines dim

Away from sweepers on the outer rim

Tells a story of many a nights

Careless dancers and crazy bar fights

The smell of beer and must

Bellows from the vents

Greeting me at the door

With a fervent thrust

Beer caps lay with hair and mold

All the shit here is more that a day old

But this is the smell of music in action

I have found this true

Regardless of the disgusting reaction

This is where American music thrives

And discovers its sound

The walls have been broken in

It is a sacred ground

The bartender wipes the deck

Getting ready for another crazy night

Turns the lights on low

And sweeps the dust below

Sound checks ring with the

Check 1,2 in the background

The band gears up for the party going down

But in the corner of the bar

Is where you can find the filth of yesterday

The colors grown of black and gray

The sounds ring out and knock the dust from the table

Music rings out regardless of the label

Of genres and names things oh so irrelevant

Just a business note people need

And business people sent

But play it out loud

Ring it out clear

Bring the corners and floors alive

The dancing blokes

With clashing beers

The Incandescent Glow

I can tell a story of distracting things

It starts with a computer screen

A little heart and a big machine

Pulling the eyes away from progress

To give the soul infinite distress

This mess is more than a simple collection

If it serves me correctly

I have what the doctors call

A technological infection

Of the mind and skin

Hair and eyes

Kinda hard to see into the digital skies

It moves slowly but then with clever purpose

You would never know if you looked at the surface

But the eyes become strained with every glance

I must try to pull away in this eager chance

In a trance my muscles begin to twitch

In evenings embrace

Face the truth and furry

That time has been stolen in such a hurry

Fingers nimble to touch keys resisting

A couple of circuits and boards

That’s all that’s in this thing

But is there more just maybe a bit

Because it seems to move me when I sit

Through years and years of information

It is a gazing ball

A wonder station

But pull the mind away from sweet laziness

Yet it pulls me back with a lovers caress

Soothes my thoughts and relaxes my feelings

Illuminating what is around me

And casting incandescent light on the ceiling

Reeling and reeling

I am surely swayed but the drug this things dealing

Eyes bloodshot on every side

Who would of thought

Wasn’t this supposed to be a simple ride

A ride through information past and present

With the ease of touch and oh so pleasant

But surely there is more than one option

Get away from this infection I am stopping

Songs must be written and collected

My art will not sustain me

I must go now

The art must be resurrected

But at the flip of a switch

Turn of a knob

The computer is off and silent

The incandescent glow ceases

And the quietness around me grows

I close my eyes and rub them open

That must be some crazy shit

I be smokin’


Let your imagination run free on this one. Think you know what I am talking about? Have a guess? Post it as a reply and if you get it right I will send you a Free ‘The Bergamot’ album!

Laughing and clapping

She is such a crook

Send her to jail for all she has took

Call her a savior

But what lies beneath

Behind those bleached teeth

The ultimate hoax

Of the most terrible kind

Robs your soul

Troubles your mind

Sitting to admire

Her wonderful empire

Of things stolen and destroyed

Keeping everyone employed

Not much sympathy in my soul

For those vying for control

Over you and me and trees and flowers

The whole damn thing leaves me sour

Yet people run to be first in line

This will continue for quite some time

The world spins on

In such a great sublime

These feelings swell in winter season

Defying rational thought and reason

If I may say so myself

I have witnessed this treason

The world does not need

Another singer songwriter

One of a million calling out

This I know if forever a doubt

Yet stand in attention

And all hail to the chief

If I had known better

I could have known her a thief

Making a dollar

Never looked quite so easy

Red dresses worn

So old and sleazy

Crack the code

And underneath we find

The act of betrayal

Leaving the mind

Left to stale

But now let us curtail

This power and drab

We were all given

The gift of gab

So gab it on the mountain

Proclaim it free

Don’t let this truth die

Between you

and me

Let the words flow out

As the pouring rain

Let it put out the fire

Of deceit and of pain

For I know no truth

This I must hold true

But deceit is deceit

And behold

I have told you


This was written after a couple of weeks on the road. This trip included all of the major music hubs in the U.S. (in my humble opinion of course and for our particular genre). We had stops in New York, Chicago, L.A. and Nashville. We finally got to the end of our journey to a log cabin up in the woods on Traverse City, MI and I slept for basically 48 hours. At the end of the sleep I was able to get up and write some words that needed to be written down. They came to me in a early morning haze. So here it is a poem on rest – enjoy!


There is one thing that unifies

This no one can contest

That when we fall asleep

The mind now at rest

The heart


And beats

And beats

To no similar tune

But in similar fashion

The mind at rest

I can attest

This is the best

Way to connect to each other

There are no preconditions

No medication

Or temptation

For one to connect

To others

Through this sensation

Of mind cessation

Temporary of course

But this might lead a course of action

To rest away the weary eyes

To come to negotiation anew

Many a times it has worked for me

And surely will do the same for you

Lights out in gentle style

Let the mind take the lonely mile

And hearts beat sustain throughout the night

And in the morning

Everything will be alright

A Friends Place

This was written about a recent stay that we, my fiance and myself, made out to LA to see one of my best friends from high school. In addition to being an extremely selfless and giving host – his place was so beautiful and relaxing. It was an amazing escape for what is a crazy city of LA. We had such a peaceful and relaxing time hanging with friends and just kicking it by his indoor fire. It was truly a great experience – I hope this can take you there for just a moment. Enjoy!

A friends place

Can be as warm

And comforting

As the human embrace

With a makeshift bed

A simple place to sleep

All is well

When your livin’ cheap

But with every moment

Passing through these eyes

The sun in the morning

The evening skies

I notice the faces

Smiling all around

A humble abode

In this huge town

Shared towels

And washing machines

Life is so sweet

In these passing scenes

We get in late

Hitch a ride

Made it to LA

And it is about time

Crisp air

And summers familiar

I would take anything like this

Or anything similar

The morning we go for food

Meet some friends

Call some more

To meet at days end

Faces familiar

From a time ago

But we are still connected

Wherever we go

We enjoy a fire

Snapping soft and sweet

It makes for an easy

Evening treat

Life is simple

When sharing sustains

Can even take away

Some of life’s pains

Thank you can not match

It just falls short

You can’t just say

You’ve been a good sport

The city scene

Has been nice to me

A friend to host

With all sincerity

We made our way back home now

Hope to be back through

But for now

The only thing we have to say

Is thank you