A Rotten Destiny

A rotten destiny

Filled with blasphemy

Blaming infamy

Of tyranny

On the everyday man

And woman


And odd

But when people die

Not even the truth can imply

That responsibility is ours

Behind these bars

I scream

Ticking Clocks in the Restaurant

Ticking clocks in the restaurant

Subtle feelings exposed

In the wee hours

Of the night and morning

The ticking clock

Stays on time

As the time flies by

Goodbye tonight

Goodbye sweet place

Sweet trace of all that is good

Is in that old restaurant

Hourglass Test

Would you care to explain

Why the wind blows

Why the clouds rain

In times of trouble

In times of success

Sometimes the simplest of words

Helps to explain it the best

The world will dredge on

Day after day

Enjoy the moments

Take one to play

I can’t explain

What I don’t understand

Why even bother

When life falls through

Like the hourglass full of sand

Unconstitutional Emoluments

Take the pay

Leave the people

Who is taking the stubs

When the president wins

Paid in advance

With taxes due

Who would have knew

What one man can do

With unfettered desires

To light a blazing fire

While a waining night fades

The ultimate game has been


The Old Night

The old night lets go

Moving forwards

Growing old

While the fall winds

Begin to blow

In a storm from the west

Summer being laid to rest

I take a moment and remember

As the eyes of December

Begin to focus on us

The old night lets go

I to can’t hold on to the past

I must move forward

Into the unknown

To grow

To go