Why Do This

What sense is it all to keep going

When the darkest seems to lie ahead

No way to get ahead

When my best just comes up short

When words fall in the wrong order

Or when I have no order at all

Why keep pushing on

Why keep writing

It helps deal with the overbearing burden

Of my own expectation

My own internal complications

Not for you

Not for pleasure

At most times just for my own good measure

So when I lay down

I can out gain my own expectations

That is the one hope I have

And giving up has no place in my heart

Life is short

Create ART

The Diagram of 2016 – How

Growing up in an extremely sheltered catholic midwestern household I was always taught some very simple “guidelines”. Whether it be good or bad this is the life I know. It was always God, Family, and Country. Whether it be right or wrong – that is yet a whole other discussion but today we realized something as a country and I did as an individual. These are the truths that we live by in 2016:

Sexism > Unity

Diversity > Sexism

Family > Diversity

Money > Family

Power > Money

God > Power

Greed > God

Trump > Greed

And here we are. This justifies all votes and support for the great devil when applied to this diagram. It is undisputable as I have debated and spoken with thousands of people over the last 9 months of my life. It makes how we got here so very simple. This is the truth as voted by our own fellow countrymen. If you study this diagram you will begin to see the problems we are faced with currently. I see this in the eyes of my own parents. The rest is just shit talk. They can say what they want, but these are the new principles by which my own family lives and a much larger population as a whole. I have devoted an entire year of my life, $30,000 in personal debts, and countless unpaid hours working to promote Unity in 2016. But the truth is I believe Unity is currently where I put it in the diagram: dead last. I understand this. I get it. People love to use their mouths instead of their wallets. They want to talk about power and money and how they can acquire it at all costs – this is the baby boomer generation. Consume, consume, consume, and shit on the rest. I challenge you to see where this diagram applies – to me it sums up 2016. For anyone overseas – may God be with us and protect us. We are in for a dark time in our countries history – I can see it in the eyes of the people.



The Sum of Us

Consume me fast 

Consume me wild

Consume me across the miracle mile

Consume the waters

Along the east

Consume the land

For one big feast

Set your table

Pour your wine

Consume the world Devine

Heed no call for retention

In not one conversation 

We will mention

That consumption is not the pinnacle

Why on earth 

Would we be so cynical

Slaughter the cows and steal the berries

Worry not 

The burden future generations now carry

Drill the oil and pull the gold

Wealth only goes to the strong and bold

Capitalize on every detail

Pack the ship 

Set the sail

For we worry not of what we do today

We focus only on the day to day

For only a small minority would say

Is not our ground to conquer

The point of life is not the margin

We have more than humanity in common

We share what is now 

And what is future

It is our commonplace 

Our gathering table

For our generation and those that proceed

So let us be aware of every deed

There is more to life than capital pay

For some will have children

On this earth some day

That cause is greater than or equal to

The sum of us: me and you 

Certainly Uncertain

We are not creatures of perfection
By nature
Or nurture
We are malleable in form
From start to finish
I struggle with my own imperfect humanity
Trying to make the best of what I have
Having not the best to give
Unmistakably mistaken
Poured just short of perfection
In times just the simple reflection
Lets me know
That I am imperfect
Certainly uncertain
For my known unknowns
Are what what make

Fallen Mind

Lay me down

So I can hold you

Feel you

Breathe you in

My Fallen mind

Is reeling


To keep this in

World around

Is not helping

Or holding

These paper walls are thin


The other side

It is a hurry

A worry

What will

Tell the length of sin

Matters of the heart

Caring passion

Some thin skin

Holding hands

We can make it

Break it

Another life

Will come back again

Through the Cold









Oh we are trying to leave

Yea we’re trying to make our way

But we can’t

No we can’t no no  no

Lord we can’t

Turnpike turned all white

These semis turned upright

Lord keep me away

From these wicked roads today

Driving around

I’ve got time to burn

There is one thing I’ve learned

Holding on going on

Make my way through this song

I won’t take too long

We shut lights out late

The snow won’t go away

Burnin candles in daylight

Makin’ me feel all right

In this winter cold

Oh I know

Oh, yes I know

It will be alright

I’ll hold

I’ll hold you close

Through the cold

Oh we are trying to go

Where this ole road, goes, rolls

Oh I know Oh I know

That’s there’s oh so long to go

With you

When I turned seventeen

So long ago it seems

27 I’ll make my way

Hear what mom and dad have to say

Bout me now

We are going to find a life

On America’s east side

Good friends left behind

This was the only time

To get away

Turn-in the countryside

For those city lights

A studio with some clothes

Good lord we got to go

And make it big

Our Selfish Nature

Are we really selfish from conception

We asks our mothers to give us life

From the moment of our inception

Taking nutrients blood and life

From deep inside

Of our mothers belly

Asking for oxygen and food

To be taken care of

Regardless of her mood

There is no waiting in beginning

Asking asking asking

Wondering how we will survive

How will our mothers keep us alive

So it makes me wonder

Was I born selfish

Is human nature itself intrinsically selfish

To take rather than to give

Is that the way we begin to live

I understand that life is freely given

By the one who creates us

Whether it be god you believe

Or the forces of nature

It has no relevance in this conversation

I want to ask

Are you selfish

Wanting a life to live and food to eat

Is that the core of the selfish life

Or is it pure survival instincts

We surely cannot sustain life without

It is our job then to destroy selfishness

In the end

To see it’s light burnt out

Dedicated to the last cause

Very devout

People begin

Some grow


Some grow


Some grow


Some grow


We may be born to our selfish ways

As we grow old it is our responsibility

To shed the selfish life for independence

Dignity and responsibility

And that is the way it should be